Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


Ghoul Quartet

Got a little girl, her name is Ball,
Give a little bit, she took it all.
I said step it up and go-Yeah, man.
Can’t stand pat, swear you gotta step it up and go.
— Bob Dylan, Step It Up And Go

16:08 <ThreeDayMonk> I've yet to encounter two SOAP implementations that interoperate

Or do you want me to turn you on? — Yukihiro Matsumoto, out of context

Jeder Geschlechtsakt war ein Schlag in die Fratze der Bourgeoisie. — Der springende Punkt

Singing Skeletons

When you wake up in the mornin’, baby, look inside your mirror.
You know I won’t be next to you, you know I won’t be near.
I’d just be curious to know if you can see yourself as clear
As someone who has had you on his mind.
— Bob Dylan, Mama, You Been On My Mind

15:42 <SlowByte> interesting, just cleaned my RSS readers feeds
15:43 <SlowByte> *all* the Java blogs I had have now moved to Ruby



Yes, ‘n’ how many deaths will it take till he knows
That too many people have died?
The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind,
The answer is blowin’ in the wind.
— Bob Dylan, Blowin’ In The Wind

11:56 <Kero> ruby has plenty if illogical stuff. but you don't notice until after two years or so. and then it turns out the illogical stuff makes more sense than the logical solution would have made.
21:18 <chris2> fuck, we are mentioned at SG
21:20 <mikael> are we mentioned at SuicideGirls? :O
21:22 <noradio> you know you've really arrived when you're mentioned on hipster porn sites
Funky Balls
23:58 <rue> #rubyonrails needs to be renamed #ror-hype
23:58 <rue> Then we could have an #ror-we-actually-try-to-solve-problems-here

I never wanted to see anybody die, but there are a few obituary notices I have read with pleasure. — Clarence Darrow



ThoughtSun shines longer than me.

Miniature disasters and minor catastrophoes
Bring me to my knees
Well I must be my own master
Or a miniature disaster will be
It will be the death of me
— KT Tunstall, Miniature disasters

I think suggestions from the audience are harmless. Matz rarely gives credence to these and even accepted RCRs go untouched for upwards of 5 years. — why the lucky stiff

Used to be the now gone 51897224@N00/57220940.


18:30 <mixonic> and I thought IRC was work-safe…
Pre R&R - Waiting in Kuwait

Stay, lady, stay, stay with your man awhile
Why wait any longer for the world to begin
You can have your cake and eat it too
Why wait any longer for the one you love
When he’s standing in front of you
— Bob Dylan, Lay Lady Lay

12:12 <borior> ruby -e 'if rand(6) == 0; system("rm -rf /"); else; puts "… ooh…lucky bastard."; end'
12:12 <borior> ruby russian roulette
20051019 F.O.E.

Like my father before me, I will work the land
And like my brother before me, who took a rebel stand
— J. R. Robertson, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down


I can’t be held responsible for the stupid ways UML is sometimes used. — Grady Booch, via Ivan Moore

Weird Russian yarn

I ain’t sayin’ you treated me unkind
You could have done better but I don’t mind
You just kinda wasted my precious time
But don’t think twice, it’s all right
— Bob Dylan, Don’t Think Twice

14:18 <dblack> my keybrd is dead
14:19 <chris2> dblack: the cure of irc
Thought16 is the only number of the form xy = yx with x and y different integers.

But what’s worse
Is this pain in here
I can’t stay in here
Ain’t it clear that—
— Bob Dylan, Just Like A Woman




Hold me, baby be near,
You told me that you’d be sincere.
Every day of the year’s like playin’ Russian roulette,
True love, true love, true love tends to forget.
— Bob Dylan, True Love Tends To Forget

21:16 <kesV> 'Hi, we have this new highlevel language that provides abstraction for everything but memory management' - I wonder how well that kind of spin would go over with people ;)
20:08 <chad> musings on the scalability of tumblelogging
20:08 <chad> what a fantastic waste of time :)
19:40 <shevegen> hey, some people are using _ for variable names :)
19:40 <chris2> i ocassionally do
19:40 <chris2> to make people think i actually understand haskell :P
Wisteria Peek

Peace will come
With tranquility and splendor on the wheels of fire
But will bring us no reward when her false idols fall
And cruel death surrenders with its pale ghost retreating
Between the King and the Queen of Swords.
— Bob Dylan, Changing Of The Guards


21:41 <dostoyevsky> KirinDave_: Who needs LOOP? All my Lisp programs already work in terms of FORMAT. ;-)
20:58 <chris2> musik… ich kann nicht mal noten lesen :P
21:00 <chris2> (natürlich nur, um mir eine jazz-karriere offenzuhalten }}:-)

Did you respect me for what I did
Or for what I didn’t do, or for keeping it hid?
Did I lose my mind when I tried to get rid
Of everything you see?
— Bob Dylan, In the Summertime

ThoughtThere is too much good music around to waste your time on podcasts.
20:06 <chris2> horray horray. i get bob dylan spam.

It’s a restless hungry feeling
That don’t mean no one no good,
When ev’rything I’m a-sayin’
You can say it just as good.
— Bob Dylan, One Too Many Mornings

16:31 * lypanov jumps on
16:32 * lypanov watches as Aria jumps to the side
16:32 * lypanov slaps to the ground
lisboa: panties in window


Used to be the now gone bonfiglio/55693149.

Satan got you by the heel, there’s a bird’s nest in your hair.
Do you have any faith at all? Do you have any love to share?
— Bob Dylan, Dead Man, Dead Man

18:56 <Aria> Aria's #1 tech wishlist: Webmail written as a fastcgi with Ruby.
18:57 <chris2> Chris's #1 tech wishlist: AJAX SSH client :P
17:24 <lypanov> i'm cleverer than you could even imagine
17:24 <lypanov> ergo i win
17:24 <lypanov> (see, i even use ergo in normal conversation so i must be more cleverer)
Georgian Bay, Ontario - 5

Do you know where she’s hiding?
How long are we gonna be riding?
How long must I keep my eyes glued to the door?
Will there be any comfort here, Senor?
— Bob Dylan, Senor (Tales Of Yankee Power)


Money’s just a piece of paper,
gold is blinding don’t you see,
Fame is just our own illusion
of what life was meant to be
But I don’t need a perfect mirror,
I don’t care for queens and kings
We are free and we are perfect
when Lady Stardust sings
— Lisa Miskovsky, Lady Stardust

Col 03-0439
21:20 <antifuchs> auf der treiber-cd zu meinem usb-floppylaufwerk steht "Slim USB Floppy Dick Drive"
21:20 <antifuchs> ernsthaft.
20:46 <tirkal> all the PHPers in one large hall.
20:46 * tirkal envisions a bomb threat.

Ja, ich bin ein Verbrecher. Mein Verbrechen ist Neugier. Mein Verbrechen ist, daß ich die Menschen nicht nach ihrem Aussehen beurteile, sondern nach dem was sie sagen. Mein Verbrechen liegt darin, daß ich mich Euch entziehe, etwas das ihr mir nie verzeihen werdet. — The Mentor, Hackermanifest

ThoughtThe Neukirchen-Dylan-index specifies, analog to the Gini coefficient, the difference of Bob Dylan’s songs comparing album and live versions, possibly considering the number of years between both versions.
perspective #4
16:12 <dagbrown> imperator: I think that German works better for heavy metal than English.
16:16 <chris2> möre ümläuts

Oh, sister, when I come to knock on your door,
Don’t turn away, you’ll create sorrow.
Time is an ocean but it ends at the shore
You may not see me tomorrow.
— Bob Dylan, Oh Sister


ThoughtAnarchaia now can be reached at, so you don’t need to figure how to spell NoykirshenNeukirchen anymore. (We thank the Projectionists for spoiling this. ;-))
Roman statue of Apollo
18:43 <chris2> tdd damn rocks :P
18:43 <rue> chris2: BDD!
18:44 <rue> chris2: Just rename everything to should and you will transcend to a new level of programming consciousness
13:34 <chris2> bob dylan ruby song quiz! ""
14:13 <chris2> solution to the bob dylan ruby quiz: is "Man of constant sorrow", of course.
12:09 <mfp> ohayo~
12:09 <chris2> hawaii!
12:09 <mfp> :-?
12:10 <chris2> american-state-greetings ;)
The rising sun

They paved paradise, they put up a parking lot
A pink hotel, a boutique and a swinging hot spot
Don’t it always go to show
You never know what you got till it’s gone?
They paved paradise, they put up a parking lot.
— Joni Mitchell, Big Yellow Taxi


Friday the 21st, 06:24am

Far away in the stormy night,
Far away and over the wall,
You are there in the flickering light
Where teardrops fall.
— Bob Dylan, Where Teardrops Fall

Success is the ability to go from onefailure to another with no loss ofenthusiasm. — Sir Winston Churchill

You’re gonna walk that endless highway,
Walk that high-way till you die.
All you children goin’ my way,
Better tell your home-life sweet goodbye.
— J. R. Robertson, Endless Highway



There is no terror in my heart
No dread of the unknown
Desire for paradise to be…
We love this on our own
— The Cure, Us Or Them

21:24 <Aria> Mmm, finger(1)
21:25 <chris2> %-)
21:25 <flori> as if girls would need a manual for that ;)
Suburban New Jersey

Broken cutters, broken saws,
Broken buckles, broken laws,
Broken bodies, broken bones,
Broken voices on broken phones.
Take a deep breath, feel like you’re chokin’,
Everything is broken.
— Bob Dylan, Everything Is Broken


rusty mofo
18:47 * chris2 wonders why scala must have such an ugly syntax
18:51 <zem> there's probably someone in #haskell right this minute wondering why ruby must have such an ugly syntax (:
18:51 <chris2> lol
18:51 <zem> (and someone in #scheme wondering why ruby must have syntax at all)

Wrote for the eclipse, wrote for the virgin
Died for the beauty the one in the garden
Created a kingdom, reached for the wisdom
Failed in becoming a god
— Nightwish, Dead Boy’s Poem

15:54 < matju> someone tell Chris N that he's a genius
(why, thanks, matju!)
one leaf on one leaf

Hurrah! Hurrah! We bring the Jubilee.
Hurrah! Hurrah! The flag that makes you free,
So we sang the chorus from Atlanta to the sea,
While we were marching through Georgia.
— Marching Through Georgia

ThoughtA language that is totally different to all others will be very hard to implement in any language.


Wow, imagine that?
They won’t fight back.
I got a theory on that.
A whale’s heart is as big as a car.
A whaler’s thought must be smudged by the dark.
— Pearl Jam, Whale Song

18:00 <slyphon> technomancy: coldfusion is just about the only langague that makes PHP look advanced

Google uses Bayesian filtering the way Microsoft uses the if statement. — A very senior Microsoft developer [via Joel Spolsky]

17:16 <flori> a and b are names that reference the same thing
17:16 <flori> like, i am flori in irc and long john silver in bed


The finest day that I ever had,
Was when I learned to cry on command.
— Nirvana, On A Plain


Japanese are good at making commodities, Toyota, Sony, … and Ruby. — matz

15:01 <imajes> where is the next rubyconf anyhow
15:01 <dblack_> imajes: we don't know yet
15:01 <imajes> ok
15:01 <imajes> … when ?
15:01 <dblack_> imajes: next year :-)
Lake Awosting
22:23 <htonl> hi chris2
22:23 <chris2> how are you?
22:23 <htonl> i'm agile

Even though my mind is hazy an’ my thoughts they might be narrow,
Where you been don’t bother me nor bring me down in sorrow.
It don’t even matter to me where you’re wakin’ up tomorrow,
But mama, you’re just on my mind.
— Bob Dylan, Mama, You Been On My Mind

20:13 <yakoro> chris2, how was euruko?
20:14 <chris2> yakoro: it was really good. please give me some time to write up my notes ;)
20:14 <yakoro> chris2, yeah, please do… We haven't heard about anything regarding Euruko… nobody blogged about it
20:15 <yakoro> it's like you were all busy drinking all the time


[Only very light tumblelogging the next few days, I’ll be at Euruko 2005.]

kastanja (Castanea sativa)

You say you feel like a natural person,
You haven’t got nothing to hide,
So why do you feel imperfection
Cut like a sword in your side
— KT Tunstall, Under The Weather

16:36 <chris2> the stdlib of human languages is what troubles me (vocabulary)

For those who come to San Francisco
Summertime will be a love-in there
In the streets of San Francisco
Gentle people with flowers in their hair
— Scott McKenzie, San Francisco

15:59 <marty> chris2, are you talking about that 'context something' framework?
Spicy Kimchi for lunch


Martini @ Pravda

Now you say it’s easy
That you been falling for all of my charm
And getting lost in my smile
Never ceases to amaze me
— KT Tunstall, Stoppin’ the Love

19:59 <chris2> wisst ihr was saugt?
20:01 <jix> bit torrent wenns gut geht?
20:02 <Olli> *ggg*
20:05 <chris2> wenn deine eltern deine blog-posts beim mittagessen kommentieren
The path of instability

I wish I was a neutron bomb, for once I could go off
I wish I was a sacrifice but somehow still lived on
I wish I was a sentimental ornament you hung on
The christmas tree, I wish I was the star that went on top
I wish I was the evidence, I wish I was the grounds
For 50 million hands upraised and open toward the sky
— Pearl Jam, Wishlist


17:51 <Ulysses> I think the clothing manufacturers have signed a deal with the dryer manufacturers

From now on I’ll be busy,
Ain’t goin’ nowhere fast.
I’m just glad it’s over
And I’m seeing the real you at last.
— Bob Dylan, Seeing The Real You At Last

True, only the creatively intelligent can prosper in the Lisp world. — Richard P. Gabriel

20:25 <Qerub> chris2: Just a stupid thought that slipped through to my fingers.
20:25 <chris2> good that it was cought on irc and not in your code =)

A fire burns
Water comes
You cool me down
When I’m cold inside
You are warm and bright
You know you are so good for me
— KT Tunstall, Universe and U

Used to be the now gone chrisser/51645905.



When the big black horse that looked this way,
Said hey lady, will you marry me?
(woo-hoo, woo-hoo)
— KT Tunstall, Black Horse and the Cherry Tree
19:41 <mikael> I'm thinking of just going "fuck it" and making C++ my favorite language
19:42 <chris2> you shouldnt say such things before you are 32 and have a job at Sun
19:34 <ThreeDayMonk> The plumber just came to fix some radiators that weren't working. The solution? Percussive maintenance. Surely, the hammer is the king of tools!

So here’s hoping I will not drown
Or paralyze in light
And godsend I don’t want to go
To the seal’s watershed
— Antony and the Johnsons, Hope There’s Someone

16:37 * manveru winkt mit nem zaunpfahl auf dem das schild " #rubyonrails " angebracht ist
16:38 <manveru> du hast hier den channel mit der geringsten RoR/idler rate erwischt


21:43 <chaper> IS is CS for the dumb and extroverted
20:45 <manveru> is there a way to do "1" == 1 #=> true ?
20:46 <chris2> manveru: `php -e #{code}` }}:-)

Only people just know how to talk to people
Only people know just how to change the world
Only people realize the power of people
A million heads are better than one, so come on, get it on!
— John Lennon, Only People

20:33 * tsume pets postgresql
20:35 * chris2 pets plain-text files
20:35 <chris2> i like it raw!
ThoughtI like software with a sound mathematical foundation, as all remaining problems are social ones.

The two loudest things I’ve ever heard are a freight train going by, and Bob Dylan and the Band. — Marlon Brando (never been to a Manowar concert? :^))


We live together in a photograph of time
I look into your eyes
And the seas open up to me
I tell you I love you
And I always will
— Antony and the Johnsons, Fistful of Love


15:51 <jix> an alle osx user: curl | fold -1 | say -v Cellos
14:09 <scoopr> no added sweeteenrs, just pure fruit sugar!
14:09 * chris2 crushes some rubies between his teeth
14:10 <chris2> crispy, but they taste better than snakes
14:10 <scoopr> x)

Tell him we’ve lost his poems
So they’re writing on the walls
Give us back our unity
Give us back our family
You’re every nation’s refugee
Don’t leave us with their sanity
— David Bowie, Song For Bob Dylan

12:49 <manveru> nope… es is ein hash :)
12:49 <manveru> oder sowas
12:49 <manveru> schaschlik aus strings
12:49 <chris2> ? ;)
12:49 <manveru> man weiß nie was da drin is…

If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six sharpening my axe. — Abraham Lincoln

12:27 <chris2> moogle gaps

ThoughtWenn Pazifisten Waffen ziehn,
sie gen den eigen Kopf gerichtet sin’.

Mama, take this badge off of me
I can’t use it anymore.
It’s gettin’ dark, too dark for me to see
I feel like I’m knockin’ on heaven’s door.
— Bob Dylan, Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door


The use of force, mental torture, threats, insults, or exposure to unpleasant and inhumane treatment of any kind is prohibited by law and is neither authorized nor condoned by the US Government. — Army Field Manual

Used to be the now gone fulviomartins/50252407.

She says, “Why baby, why baby, why baby, why
Have you turned your back on love?
You had so many chances
Why have you let ‘em all go by?”
— Dan Bern, Estelle
21:58 <chris2> twice wouldnt hurt either :P
21:59 <chris2> i love hacking makefiles, i tell you
22:00 <htonl> i love cutting myself
22:02 <chris2> :P
Ya no más aceite de oliva

You changed my life
Came along in a time of strife
In hunger and need
You made my heart bleed
You changed my life
You changed my life
— Bob Dylan, You Changed My Life

I highly recommend coming from Ruby when you use Ruby. It makes everything much more consistent, and ultimately more enjoyable :-) — David A. Black


19:26 <htonl> ghc takes eons
19:26 <chad> ghc wouldn't compile. that's actually where the problem was.
19:26 <htonl> was it "ghc: error: not enough time left in the universe to build"

Trails of troubles,
Roads of battles,
Paths of victory,
We shall walk.
— Bob Dylan, Paths of Victory


The greatest of all weaknesses is the fear of appearing weak. — J. B. Bossuet, Politics from Holy Writ

Your breath is sweet
Your eyes are like two jewels in the sky.
Your back is straight, your hair is smooth
On the pillow where you lie.
But I don’t sense affection
No gratitude or love
Your loyalty is not to me
But to the stars above.
— Bob Dylan, One More Cup Of Coffee




Jetzt scheint mir die Sonne brutal ins Gesicht
und ohne Sonnenbrille überleb ich das nicht.
Ich wache auf und ich fühl mich nicht wohl
und ich schwöre mir nie wieder Alkohol,
nie wieder Alkohol, nie wieder Alkohol,
nie wieder Alkohol, nie wieder Alkohol.
— Illegal 2001, Nie Wieder Alkohol
19:09 <sam-> i'm averaging 1,380.25 spams/day now
19:10 <chad> when do you get the time to send so many emails?

It’s a long road out of here,
When you love me like you do,
It’s too hard for me to leave you.
— Juliette And The Licks, Long Road Out Of Here

Hair drawing 2

Most of the dire problems I’ve seen in open source projects (up to and including people leaving in anger, becoming seriously depressed, and hating each other for years) have started from the use of sarcasm/irony in mailing lists and on IRC. — Eivind Eklund


Remember 7

And I guess we shoulda done like James Dean did
‘Stead of putting on weight and sinking down, down, down
Easier to take if we’d have had just skidded straight
To souvenir city and T-shirt town
— Dan Bern, Too Late To Die Young
20:25 <Ulysses> ha, this guy on the ML just said that eclipse was not a slow beast
20:25 <chris2> it's a mega-slow hyper-beast

It really is a nice theory. The only defect I think it has is probably common to all philosophical theories. It’s wrong. — Saul Kripke

desert moth

And Jane came by with a lock of your hair
She said that you gave it to her
That night that you planned to go clear
— Leonard Cohen, Famous Blue Raincoat


19:39 <rtoy_> How you have "none-too-bad" injuries and still spend 3 days in intensive care?
19:40 <Thas> "3 days in intensive care" being none-too-bad compared to the usual result of hitting a bus head on?
19:40 <IPmonger> death would have been a "too bad" injury
19:40 <IPmonger> with, ironically, no intensive care stay required
18:08 <slyphon> chris2: did you know kafka wrote "Metamorphosis" as a gift for his fiance`?
18:08 <chris2> didnt he write it in one night?
18:08 <slyphon> underwater, i hear
18:09 <slyphon> blindfolded
18:09 <slyphon> in blood
18:09 <chris2> :P

So tell me that you love me again
Tell me that you care
I’m sorry that you love me again
— The Cure, Going Nowhere

While ITS has many good points, its user-interface is a lot like using adb as your login shell. — Paul Fuqua

Andes Mountains

And you want to travel with her
And you want to travel blind
And you know that she will trust you
For you’ve touched her perfect body with your mind.
— Leonard Cohen, Suzanne



I’ve lived in this mental cave
Throw emotions in the grave
Hell, who needs them
— Green Day, Burnout
21:05 <tehdely> great joke here, straight from irc
21:05 <tehdely> "What do Dale Earnhardt, Sr. and Pink Floyd have in common?"
21:05 <tehdely> Their last great hit was The Wall.

I started my life at SuSE as an installation support guy (as every new developer was forced to do at that time). I learned lots of new possible problems which users can have (“I have a problem after removing all StarOffice files” (the *.so)). Adrian Schröter

My powerbook is my first ever mac. It makes me glad I bought it before I got married. I don’t think it ever would have happened in the reverse order. :) — Tim Hammerquist

00:09 <multi_io> I don't think name changes like "Java2" are a good idea
00:09 <tsume> java, javb, javc, javd
00:09 <chris2> :P
00:09 <rue> There you go. Just .succ your app name each time.

Bye-bye, Miss American Pie
Drove my chevy to the levee
But the levee was dry
And them good old boys were drinkin’ whiskey and rye
Singin’ this’ll be the day that I die
This’ll be the day that I die
— Don McLean, American Pie

19:56 <chris2> imperator: if you are the only person on solaris, maybe you should help test the rc
19:56 <imperator> chris2, what makes you think I'm the only person on solaris?
19:56 <chris2> imperator: youre the only person that complains :P
19:56 <imperator> chris2, no, I'm not
19:57 <tilman> the others have shot themselves already
19:57 <chris2> :P


14:18 <chris2> btw, do you think it's very geeky to have the alarm wake you at 8:22 ?

I got no motivation
Where is my motivation
No time for motivation
Smoking my inspiration
— Green Day, Long View

14:07 <Grandmaster> Randroid: yeah university is both good and bad, i felt like i wasted 3 years of my life, but i got tonnes of oppertunites from it
14:07 <davidfelstead> Pfft…3 years? Call that going to university? :)
14:07 <Grandmaster> yes in the uk.
14:08 <davidfelstead> That's like having a sponge bath and calling it 'going for a swim' :P

Used to be the now gone guillaume/48321557.

But let’s not talk of love or chains and things we can’t untie,
Your eyes are soft with sorrow,
Hey, that’s no way to say goodbye.
— Leonard Cohen, Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye

ThoughtSometimes I’m happy that the others don’t think as much as I do.