Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


california 001
17:37 <Qerub> ikea = World.locate :IKEA; Qerub.goto ikea; ikea.stuff.each { |i| villa << i }
17:37 * Qerub dies

Drawing life to a close with a transcendentally orgasmic bang, and not a pathetic and god-forsaken whimper, can turn dying into the culmination of one’s existence rather than its present messy and protracted anti-climax. —

ThoughtFahrradfahren macht alles mit “H” kaputt: Hände, Hintern, Hoden und Hirn.
2004-04-09-019  Terschelling, West an Zee, Strandpavillion

Being Barefoot makes me feel free. Liberated from shoes and also liberated from caring about approval or disapproval of society. — stzu

Summertime, the taste of saint secretes and perfume mist
console the mind, I take it in with lips of pink I kiss
Lonely sky, the more you take the more that I give in
Holy eyes, I never knew, I know, I know…
— The Distillers, The Hunger



Software serves a human function or fails to. There is no Plato’s heaven where mathematical cleanliness sits supreme, where the correctness of an abstraction is alive. — Richard P. Gabriel, Patterns Of Software

Adieu l’Emile je vais mourir
C’est dur de mourir au printemps tu sais
Mais je pars aux fleurs la paix dans l’âme
Car vu que tu es bon comme du pain blanc
Je sais que prendras soin de ma femme
— Jaques Brel, Le Moribond

Used to be the now gone talkative/22426858.
03-10-27-109 TS - Bunker bei Formerum

We are kids
We think life is a scam
We come from a wasted land
We are kids we play punk rock and roll
If we didn’t we got no soul
— The Distillers, Sick Of It All


I <3 Beer

Something ain’t quite right
You got the devil on your side,
standing to your right come on
— The Libertines, I Get Along

18:19 <Olathe> The joy of Java !
18:20 <oGMo> the joy of java is much like the joy of having a red-hot metal rod shoved up your ass repeatedly
18:21 <yipstar> brutal

Off the pillow and into the air
I’m ready cuz it’s my day
Situation: it’s all possible
Everything is going my way
— Le Tigre, My My Metrocard

Chicago Night


20:27 <chris2> berkus: if you need to document an api, refactor
20:27 <chris2> always worked for me :P
20:28 <chris2> but then, i rewrite what i need, anyway =)
20:28 <slyphon> chris2: hahaha
20:28 <slyphon> chris2: that is *excellent* advice
20:28 <chris2> slyphon: i wish it was a joke
20:28 <chris2> slyphon: chuck moore style of living
20:28 <slyphon> chris2: if i don't laugh, i'ma gonna cry
Butterflies and Swallows Come Back to Capistrano
19:14 <chneukirchen> mach ich morgen in der hohlstunde
19:14 <Stahlwollschaf> arschkoch
18:53 <Aredridel> Writing well online is not to be apologized for, if you ask me. Go for it. Let others come up to your level, not you down to theirs.
18:53 <vaw> I'll fucking try
18:53 <chris2> Aredridel: :)

Come in tower
All our data’s wrong
Research inconsistent
We misread it all
— Le Tigre, Phanta

18:18 <chris2> def school; Time.waste!; end
Scotland Skye

Ich warte nur auf den Regen,
der die Flüsse überlaufen lässt
und den Müll aus dieser Stadt endlich wegspült.
Der die Falschheit und Intrigen
und die Heuchelei mitnimmt,
die uns jeden Tag nach unten zieht.
— Die Toten Hosen, Regen

Winter's path


I don’t know that atheists should be considered citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God. — George Bush Sr. (GFY, man!)

16:25 <sa> at morgan-stanley, there was a contest to determine the name of the year2000 project
16:25 <sa> the winner was "odyssey 2000"
16:26 <sa> malcolm pointed out that in the original, the project took 20 years and only the project-manager survived.
15:11 <tirkal> nah, you guys just like to bash Python ;)
15:12 <lucsky> that's what the pythonistas call object oriented, to query an object for its attributes, you call global function with it as a parameter
15:12 <lucsky> niiiiice :>
15:12 <lucsky> tirkal: that's the problem with Python, there is so much to bash :))

Do you need to carry a keychain so intense that a ninja assassin might enjoy using it on a mission? — Robert Daeley

Pebble beach 2
14:11 <flowhase> get a job and code something useful! :>
14:12 <chris2> das ist ohne job einfacher :P
14:12 <flowhase> chris2: "get a job OR code something useful!" vielleicht?

Take the MIT Weblog Survey

Sunset Across the Deck

I walk this road, with a hammer and a fiery lantern
With this hand I’ve built, and with this I’ve burned
I wanna live in the same house, beneath the same roof
Sleep in the same bed, search for the same proof
As Leah
— Bruce Springsteen, Leah


ThoughtI just fixed my chair with a can opener. Physical hacking rocks.
Used to be the now gone badboyuk/21468490.

At one point, I did, very discreetly mind you, give John Wiseman a sniff. No detectable lemon smell from where I was standing. That’s one theory disproven. — Dave Roberts

12:18 <ionas_> alles was nicht analog ist ist lossy ;p
12:18 <ionas_> und alles was analog ist geht schnell kaputt ,p
Brændt heks

Businessmen, they drink my wine, plowmen dig my earth,
None of them along the line know what any of it is worth.
— Bob Dylan, All Along The Watchtower


18:25 <whinter> damn.. it takes 5 complete hours to go through blog posts
18:25 <whinter> this is getting ridiculously out of hand
18:26 <chris2> whinter: just read anarchaia, the rest isnt important anyway }:-)

Yet if we look at the art we love and the music, the buildings, towns, and houses, the ones we like have the quality without a name, not the deathlike morphology of clean design. — Richard P. Gabriel, Money Through Innovation Reconsidered

Mail Box

She sheds a tear and then begins to pray
As the fire burns on and the smoke drifts away
From Black Diamond Bay.
— Bob Dylan, Black Diamond Bay

16:36 * chris2 s stuhl fällt auseinander
16:36 <chris2> *schraub*

Otium et reges prius et beatas perdidit urbes. — Catullus, Carmen 51

Professor: What is the integral of dcabin over cabin?
Student: Log cabin …. ha ha
Professor: No, its a house boat! You forgot to add the C
— Joke on /.

More Lillies 6.24.5



Von der Eiche gibt es zahlreiche Varianten, beispielsweise die Stieleiche, Traubeneiche, Roteiche, Steineiche, Korkeiche, Sumpfeiche, Libanoneiche, Wasserleiche, Chlorbleiche, Durchreiche, Radspeiche, Tagundnachtgleiche, Ölscheiche—um nur einige zu nennen. — Nils Uwe Kammenhuber und Sebastian Marius Kirsch, Rautavistische Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen

Used to be the now gone eugeniayjulian/21133155.

Well, I make love to you,
And lord knows you’ll feel no pain.
Say, I make love to you in your sleep,
And lord knows you felt no pain.
— Jimi Hendrix, Voodo Chile


21:13 <dvoodoo> sowas wie ActiveRecord andersrum
21:13 <chris2> Og
21:13 <dvoodoo> Og?
21:13 <chris2> Og.
21:13 <dvoodoo> Og!
21:13 <jix> og ogogogogogo og ogogogog klinkt wie nen huhn ^^

…and whenever he was again threatened by the sad thought that so many people in the world were so rich and he so poor, he merely thought of Herr Kannitverstan in Amsterdam, of his great house, his rich ship and his narrow grave. — Johann Peter Hebel, Kannitverstan

ThoughtFirst three results for googling “leave”: Yahoo, Disney, Google
16:41 <peekpoke> where can i get a gf called ruby? i think it could lead to many hilarious ambiguities that would provide me with literally minutes of amusement

No one knows where she comes from
Maybe she’s a devil in disguise
I can tell by looking in her eyes.
— Jimi Hendrix, Little Miss Strange

Red glass blue glass on clear

And I still want you,
Love in the altitudes, no one but me and you.
— Dead Moon, In The Altitudes


Removing a pattern can simplify a system and a simple solution should almost always win. — Erich Gamma, Patterns and Practice

Beach trees.


19:55 <chneukirchen> naja, es kann nur besser werden
19:55 <Lisl> hehehe, des würd ich nich sagen…
19:55 <chneukirchen> wieso?
19:56 <Lisl> ja, stell dir vor du bekommst n schlaganfall, dann musste alles noch mal lernen, und dann biste wieder so schlecht,. hehehe

Life has no meaning a priori…It is up to you to give it a meaning, and value is nothing but the meaning that you choose. — Jean-Paul Sartre, Being and Nothingness

Kalon Minaret

I’ve kissed your lips and held your head.
Shared your dreams and shared your bed.
I know you well, I know your smell.
I’ve been addicted to you.
— James Blunt, Goodbye My Lover

ThoughtIKEA considered harmful if you come back with more pencils than napkins.
El mojo rojo, canary souce.
wide beach

What’s funny is that it’s really hard for me to make friends on Warcraft. — Joi Ito


Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
18:41 <chris2> people that write 1 == x suck :P
18:42 <Aredridel> chris2: You are so right. People who can't tell == and = apart at a glance suck too.
11:48 <Luckys> alright, so overall, US$50K is not a small amount
11:49 <chris2> everything that doesnt need 64bit to represent is a small amount }:-)

Sunshine Sunshine Reggae
don’t worry
don’t hurry
take it easy
— Laid Back, Sunshine Reggae

Fly Away & Escape

Well if I had one wish for you in this god forsaken world, kid
It’d be that your mistakes will be your own
That your sins will be your own
— Bruce Springsteen, Long time comin’


20:25 <Frixon> Die ist so klasse. Die ist klug, nett, macht alles mit, man kann sich klasse mit ihr unterhalten und sie sieht verdammt gut aus.
20:25 <olli> und warum ist sie noch nicht dein weibchen?
20:26 <chris2> weil sie klug ist? }}:-)
20:26 * Frixon tritt chris2 ans Schienbein
20-Mule Team - Borax - Death Valley

Fear’s a dangerous thing
It can turn your heart black you can trust
It’ll take your God filled soul
Fill it with devils and dust
— Bruce Springsteen, Devils and Dust

19:21 * fatalis_ chokes chris2's fingers
19:21 <fatalis_> s/chokes/chews
19:21 <chris2> wtf did i do?
19:21 <chris2> (and how did i type that?)
19:22 <fatalis_> chris2, that was preemptive punishment

Der Fortschritt macht Portemonnaies aus Menschenhaut. — Karl Kraus

Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing. — Salvador Dali

01:35 <sa> in fact, if i didn't think the best programs were beautiful, i'd find another profession
01:36 <sa> (like medicine, where the truth is mostly ugly)

In meinem Blut werfen
die Endorphine Blasen
Wenn hinter deinen stillen
Hasenaugen die Gedanken rasen
— Wir sind Helden, Nur ein Wort


Max of Eastman Place

Nun sind sie also vorbei, die dreizehn Jahre, in denen ich eine Schule besuchte, deren geistigen Vater ich verachte, seit ich das Denken lernte und deren politische und weltanschauliche Implikationen ich seit diesem Zeitpunkt kritisiere. — Lars Strojny, Dreizehn Jahre Waldorfschule

16:24 <chris2> wir haben erdnussbutter, tequila und kinderschuhe größe 27 gekauft :P
16:24 <et> bis auf die kinderschuhe…
16:25 <flowhase> und wofuer braucht ihr die?
16:25 <chris2> postmodern birthday gifts considered harmful
!~Sparkle !~Loop
14:42 <Prawntasm> type interference is when the compiler guesses the wrong type
14:42 <chris2> :P
ThoughtDeath S{ent,il}ence.
13:53 <fatalis_> I'll just make a braid on the back of my head
13:55 * chris2 just read "bread"

Been so long since a strange woman has slept in my bed.
Look how sweet she sleeps, how free must be her dreams.
In another lifetime she must have owned the world, or been faithfully wed
To some righteous king who wrote psalms beside moonlit streams.
— Bob Dylan, I and I

redorange leaves

And now they know there’s no way out,
And they’re really sorry now for what they’ve done,
They were three Wise Men just trying to have some fun.
— James Blunt, Wise Men


17:43 <lypanov> i always thought it would be the static language that would be pissing me off
17:43 <lypanov> but actually, no, eclipse ain't bad at all
17:43 <lypanov> its the other shit!
17:43 <lypanov> xml obsessed ****nuts who can't even use a freaking dtd checker
b/w flower 12

Houses burnt beyond repair.
The smell of death is in the air.
A woman weeping in despair says,
He has been here.
— James Blunt, No Bravery

17:10 <lypanov> dum di dum
17:10 * lypanov bored
17:10 <dross> the lypanov
17:10 <lypanov> err
17:10 <dross> lypanov: go code dammit
17:10 <lypanov> the dross :P

[G]iven any rule, however ‘fundamental’ or ‘necessary’ for science, there are always circumstances when it is advisable not only to ignore the rule, but to adopt its opposite. — Paul Feyerabend, Against Method

I’m the rainbow in your jail cell
All the memories of
Everything you’ve ever smelled
Not alone, I’ll be there
Tell me when you want to go
— Red Hot Chili Peppers, Don’t Forget Me



17:05 * lypanov is reading ml via google groups rss feed now
17:06 <lypanov> s/rss/atom/
17:06 <lypanov> means that i just read the very newest topics :)

A dreamer of pictures
I run in the night
You see us together,
chasing the moonlight,
My cinnamon girl.
— Neil Young, Cinamon Girl

85% of XML Schema is thoroughly useless and without value; the few useful features are weak and without honour. Robin Berjon

The level was about 4.5


another maui sunset

Your time is limited so don’t let it be wasted living someone else’s life. — Steve Jobs

20:39 <anhi> and you really think a Linux/BSD user would switch to MS cos of some ads? :P
20:40 <anhi> well, i know some ppl that might do that if they offered "Get your personal WinXP-Build, just send us your CFLAG's" ;)

Are you passionate?
Do you love what you do?
Would you do it if they didn’t pay you?
— Neil Young, Are You Passionate?

East Shinkuku
ThoughtIch habe endlich ein Wort gefunden, dass sich auf “Feuerzeug” reimt… “Karl Moik”! Jetzt kenne ich echt keins mehr, das sich auf gar nix reimt.

We got department stores and toilet paper
Got styrofoam boxes for the ozone layer
Got a man of the people says keep hope alive
Got fuel to burn got roads to drive
— Neil Young, Rocking In The Free World

17:06 <Lisl> neee, im gegenteil, mit preisen werd ich überschüttet!
17:06 <chneukirchen> lieber mit preisen als mit preiselbeeren
Sunshine and shadows

It makes the wrong things easy, letting twittering idiots who should not be allowed within 100 meters of a keyboard do “Application Development” and end up with a shiny GUI, leaving the business logic all a-tatter. — Nikodemus Siivola


Cracking advice!

I know I dreamed you a sin and a lie,
I have my freedom but I don’t have much time,
Faith has been broken, tears must be cried,
Let’s do some living after we die.
— Rolling Stones, Wild Horses

2005-06-09 (DSC_1918)

I wish I was an alien at home behind the sun
I wish I was the souvenir you kept your house key on
I wish I was the pedal brake that you depended on
I wish I was the verb ‘to trust’ and never let you down
— Pearl Jam, Wishlist

Fields of red


O Fences

Ach, wo ist noch Platz für mich
oder ein Dach für dich?
Hörst du es flüstern im Land?
Old Shatterhand und Nietzsche tot,
im Kaufhof klaut Gott sein Brot.
Siehst du die Schrift an der Wand?
— Ton Steine Scherben, Der Turm stürzt


This silliness is the result of me trying to move Ruby one additional tiny step in right direction (i.e., towards Lisp). — Daniel Brockman

Used to be the now gone certainmagic/19299261.

Was I the bullet or the gun
Or just a target drawn upon
A wall that you decided
Wasn’t worth defending?
— Aimee Mann, I Can’t Help You Anymore


6:59 <chris2> aber ein powermac wäre auch ok
16:59 <chris2> mit 5000" cinema display :)
17:01 <fnordor> da passt der name dann auch wirklich 'cinema'
day 3: at any time
ThoughtWe need a site where users can post scans of their feet and find people with similar feet. Then, you could buy the shoes of the persons that have feets like you and you could go sure they’d fit perfectly.
by SSH

Hey baby, you better come here quick.
This old cocaine is making me sick.
Cocaine all around my brain.
— Bob Dylan, Cocaine Blues

11:04 <chris2> mosche
11:05 <et> kirch


19:26 <chris2> proBIERs
19:27 <chris2> das wäre mal ein netter verein :P
Roots by Joi
14:12 <queuetue> How do I coerce a string to be a number? ( a float, preferably)
14:13 <berkus> queuetue: "12.5".to_f?
14:13 <queuetue> Please, master, hit me with the "everything is an object" stick one more time. I think I'll get it this time. :)

My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness. — Tenzin Gyatso

A nice Saterday Evening..

Whatever you wanted
Slipped out of my mind,
Would you remind me again
If you’d be so kind.
— Bob Dylan, What Was It You Wanted

Rude Flowers


My point is that whether you paint your face red or pass a conch around or take the fluorescent lights off the ceilings, it seems that programmers and their environment naturally exhibit an eccentric quality when it’s necessary to be very productive and management allows it. — Philip Eskelin

A Caminho do Deserto do Atacama

Is this just another phase?
Earthquakes making waves,
Trying to shake the cancer off?
Stupid human beings,
Once you hold the hand of love,
it’s all surmountable.
— Pearl Jam, Love Boat Captain

16:39 <Mondkater> Google ;-)
16:40 <chris2> ich google den ganzen tag, ich will auch mal mit menschen reden! :P
16:41 <Mondkater> Ich google den ganzen Tag um mit Menschen zu reden!
16:41 <Mondkater> (ok, bin ich froh, dass es nicht so schlimm ist *g+ )

Even better is that you can do this and not know squat about how continuations work. They just do, and it can all be magic. — Dan Sugalski

Maple Leaf

Silver wings of mornin’
Shinin’ in the gray day
While the ice is formin’
On a lonely runway.
— Neil Young, Look Out For my Love

New York Angled


Cold Floor
19:01 <chris2> 10 years syphillis!
19:01 <chris2> er, php

Now we’re too far gone,
Hope is such a waste
Every breath you take you give
me the burdens bitter taste
— The All-American Rejects, Too Far Gone


You are like a hurricane
There’s calm in your eye.
And I’m gettin’ blown away
To somewhere safer where the feeling stays.
I want to love you but I’m getting blown away.
— Neil Young, Like A Hurricane


ThoughtNeukirchen’s 3rd law: The productivity is inversely proportional to the length of the anarchaia post. :D
21:32 <chris2> mein "RAF" ist interessanter :P
21:32 <chris2> RAF = Random Access Floor
Used to be the now gone chayshots/18226265.
20:17 <chris2> Oll^i: ich will kein root auf suse sein… offiziell
20:18 <Oll^i> chris2: jop denn als root will man an die configs und schon ist das system im arsch ;)
20:18 <chris2> du hast ein "tiefer" vergessen
20:18 <Oll^i> ja

She was born in spring, but I was born too late
Blame it on a simple twist of fate.
— Bob Dylan, Simple Twist of Fate

19:52 <chris2> credo scripendi quisquis linguae latinae
19:53 <chris2> ei non correctus debet, non matteret
19:54 <chris2> (ok, matteret war erfunden)
19:54 <Mondkater> Hmm.. also wenn Ruby so abfarbt glaub ich, bleib ich lieber doch bei anderen Hobbies…
17:56 * chris2 ponders making a rng by looking at the behavior of firefox

Gibt es ein Land auf der Erde,
wo der Traum Wirklichkeit ist?
Ich weiß es wirklich nicht.
Ich weiß nur eins und da bin ich sicher,
dieses Land ist es nicht. Dieses Land ist es nicht.
Dieses Land ist es nicht. Dieses Land ist es nicht.
— Ton Steine Scherben, Der Traum ist aus

16:26 <intinig> my genetic programming classes are ready, does anyone want to play with 'em? :)
16:26 <Qerub> intinig: can they mutate my body into something handsome?
16:27 <intinig> Qerub: I said genetic, not magic

Architecture is that great living creative spirit which from generation to generation, from age to age, proceeds, persists, creates, according to the nature of man, and his circumstances as they change. That is architecture. — Frank Lloyd Wright, 1937

Where am I going?



Then again, i’ve probably had about 15 hours of sleep in 9 days, so I’ll probably sleep a week straight and let my brain unmelt before I do anything at all. — Greg Brown after the Gambit Codefest

19:18 * chris2 wonders what would have happened if apple went to amd…
19:19 * Aredridel too.
19:19 <Aredridel> Opteron … Mmm!
19:19 <gnome> chris2: burn laps
Small Indonesian island

Where the sad-eyed prophet says that no man comes,
My warehouse eyes, my Arabian drums,
Should I leave them by your gate,
Or, sad-eyed lady, should I wait?
— Bob Dylan, Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands

Everyone seems to be talking about it, but its ruby, so how bad could it be? — Andrew Thompson on Rails

I used to be on an endless run.
Believe in miracles ‘cause I’m one.
A have been blessed with the power to survive.
After all these years I’m still alive.
— Ramones, I Believe in Miracles

Used to be the now gone 97913871@N00/18054609.


Am I losing my touch, does it matter so much?
Am I losing my grip, am I starting to slip?
— Dead Moon, Sorrow’s Forecast

20:06 <chris2> i want to splat my brain with a speaking screaming "worse is better"
19:43 <Xof> don't worry, all you ppc lovers – just buy an Xbox
19:43 <Xof> I love the sound of Great Hackers weeping in the morning
19:31 <andywan> that kinda makes me feel like i need a shower… *shudder*
19:32 <cooldude127> what the hell are they thinking?
19:32 <pepincat> Intel huh?
19:32 <bitsweat> bet the smell is overpowering. room of geeks all shat their pants.
19:32 <bitsweat> confirmed they've had a secret x86 build for 5 years
19:30 <bchin> but next year, Apple will start introducing Intel processors
19:31 <bchin> Mac with Intel processors

19:00 CEST, I’m sitting here in front of lots of Mac news sites. And two special-purpose IRC channels.

Freßt doch soviel Daten bis ihr daran erstickt. — Jörg Kantel

ThoughtI just found this APL statement in the IBM APL\1130 Primer, Student Text:
Must be desperate people working there…

So don’t be fooled, so don’t be lied to
Love was always cruel
And don’t act strange, don’t be a stranger
It happened to me, now it’s happening to you
But if you take that train underwater
Then we could talk it through
— Bright Eyes, Train Under Water



20:50 * chris2 bereut mal wieder die sekunden, die ihn das durchklicken von spiegel-comics gekostet haben
19:57 <zedas> chris2, what's your stats background btw?
19:57 <chris2> average, with a small standard derivation }:-)

All this time I’ve loved you
And never known your face
All this time I’ve missed you
And searched this human race
— Lamb, Gorecki

Gili Nanggu at night
it was a foamy show that night
15:16 <eTM> da kann man einfach aufstehen und schreien wenns einem danach ist, mitten in einem meeting

Baby, if I see boredom
in your eyes
I’ll know my river has run dry
But I won’t turn back
with that lonely tide
I bought that ticket
and I’ll take that ride.
— Neil Young, Will to Love

Ludlow Castle Tree


21:29 <chris2> manchmal tu ich aus spass an der evolution zweifeln
21:29 <eTM> *fg*
Light Bender

Hello ruby in the dust
Has your band begun to rust
After all the sin we’ve had
I was hopin’ that we turn back
— Neil Young, Cowgirl in the Sand


Noontime, and I’m still pushin’ myself along the road, the darkest part,
Into the narrow lanes, I can’t stumble or stay put.
Someone else is speakin’ with my mouth, but I’m listening only to my heart.
I’ve made shoes for everyone, even you, while I still go barefoot.
— Bob Dylan, I and I

14:17 * lypanov makes a funny sound
14:17 <lypanov> *kloph*
14:17 <chris2> lypanov: LOL
12:36 <chris2> scheme must be magnetic or something
12:37 <chris2> i have this ibook for 6 months now, and more than six scheme implementations on it :)

More tools can be a better thing (until your toolbelt gets so heavy that it pulls your pants down and starts showing butt-crack). — Ben Giddings


Whatever happened in elementary school doesn’t matter much except to say it made me a wise guy—as people who bent the rules and made a lot of jokes were called—and by high school I was a first-class wise guy. — Richard P. Gabriel, A Personal Narrative: Journey to Stanford

Letter to a dead friend


He told me, red means run, son, numbers add up to nothin’
Raised my rifle to my eye
Never stopped to wonder why.
Then I saw black,
And my face splashed in the sky.
— Neil Young, Powderfinger

Fuck Your Opinion

It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom. — Aristotle

Life just kind of empties out
Less a deluge than a drought
Less a giant mushroom cloud
Than an unexploded shell
Inside a cell
Of the Lennox Hotel
— Aimee Mann, Little Bombs

15:23 <MoeD> There's not much "grey" in your world, is there lypanov? =)
15:23 <lypanov> MoeD: no. i don't believe in gray
Rainbow over Portland

There’s a battle outside
And it is ragin’.
It’ll soon shake your windows
And rattle your walls
For the times they are a-changin’.
— Bob Dylan, The Times They are A-Changin’


20:29 * chris2 thinks aimee mann should call herself jabberee mann

Ja, ich weiß, woher ich stamme,
Ungesättigt gleich der Flamme
Glühe und verzehr’ ich mich.
Licht wird alles, was ich fasse,
Kohle alles, was ich lasse,
Flamme bin ich sicherlich.
— Friedrich Nietzsche, Ecce Homo

Johnson Blue

‘Cause I can’t even stand it
‘Cause I don’t want to end it
To be perfectly candid –
Baby, you’re beautiful
— Aimee Mann, Beautiful

17:21 <tomas-j> wait, there's a girl in here? *shrieks*
17:21 <eriberri> i could be a gay man
17:21 <eriberri> but no. i'm a girl. :P
Sign of a good time . . .

Then why don’t you try making just a few games that don’t play off of a 14 year-old male’s idea of womanhood on the apparent hope that he’ll play the game one-handed? — A Gamers’ Manifesto

Pi Pie


I get into the meanest, nastiest frame of mind that I can manage, and I write the nastiest code I can think of; then I turn around and embed that in even nastier constructions that are almost obscene. — Don Knuth

the last
19:00 <Casey> "If you were a warp tube, I'd be in you all day."

The vovel hunts for its prey by placing its long flat nose nose in into the ground and then flicking back strongly with its head. — Mark Probert

16:21 <jaska> ocaml looks like a mix of and perl
Emperor Hadrian

Oh, them butterflies
Never felt like that before
It was the happiest moment of my life
— Dan Bern, Butterflies

Santorini - Town (2)
15:53 <wypanov> chris2 will beat you too you realize? :P
15:53 <chris2> i beat him yesterday for that
15:53 <ionas> hehe
15:53 <chris2> (irc should have a /beatnik command :P)