Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


19:10 <chris2> duschen erhöht die wahrscheinlichkeit, privmsg zu bekommen

You could think of online source archives like sourceforge as a hall of shame. — Rainer Joswig, DSLs in Lisp…

For in those reckless moments
When doubt is creeping in your head
Feeling like you’ve lost your youth
And the dreams you had are cold and dead
— Dead Moon, It’s OK

Our Lane Before The Storm

The mind is grey,… like the city
Packing in and overgrown
Love is deep,… dig it out
Standing in a hole alone
Working for something,.. that we can never hold
A place in the clouds.
Your place to hide oh my oh
— Pearl Jam, Ghost

17:12 <jix> neue verschwoerungstheorie: 7.7.2005 war genau 1394 (firewire!!) tage nach dem 11.9.2001
buddha flower

ThoughtHow am I supposed to write books longer than I’d ever read?