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March 2008

24mar2008 · Off to Seelbach

Tomorrow I’m going to leave early for Seelbach deep in the Black Forest where I’ll spend the rest of the week educating myself on civil service (which I finished for two thirds already, but hey, who cares).

Anarchaia and chris blogs will resume publishing Saturday, March 29.

Please notice that this means I will not be able to attend Euruko 2008 in Prague this year. That’s sad, but I can’t help it (not that I’d have anything to talk about). Enjoy the program.

Regarding conferences, I am planning to go to the Workshop on Self-sustaining Systems in May and RailsConf Europe in September (I hope there will be a CabooseConf Europe, really).

I expect to have occasional Internet access in Seelbach, else mail will have to wait. It’s my first travel with the EEE.

NP: Grateful Dead—Promised Land

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