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March 2008

29mar2008 · Celebrating Three Years of Anarchaia!

It has been another year of your favourite (near) daily favourite dose of links, IRC quotes, lyrics and quotes?

Lots has happened in that time! Tumblelogs really turned mainstream, new platforms like Soup appeared, and tumblelogging was featured at the Telegraph, Chaosradio Express and Rails Podcast.

Time for the yearly statistics (previous year in parentheses):

  • Anarchaia as of today consists of
    • 996 posts (669)
      • 18499 snippets (13555)
        • 12797 links (9445)
        • 2100 pictures (1440)
        • 1148 IRC quotes (979)
          • 610 #ruby-lang quotes
          • 371 #ruby-de quotes
          • 34 #rpa quotes
          • 17 #rubyist.org quotes
          • 14 #haskell-blah quotes
          • 10 #haskell quotes
          • 10 #lisp quotes
          • 82 other quotes
        • 1860 lyrics (1242)
        • 379 quotes (311)
        • 205 thoughts (138)
    • totaling 4.8 megabytes, 443416 words and 85119 lines.

Thanks for all your kind mails, contributed links and other pleasantness. I still enjoy it as much as I hope you do as well.

However, Anarchaia will have to change in the future: when my study begins (roughly October), I won’t have the time any more to do a daily issue. But I will try my best to make at least a weekly version of it.

Now, on to another year of tumblelogging!

(BTW, chris blogs turned four this week as well. 48 posts this year and still no new blogging software. I’m working on it, really!)

NP: Grotus—Good Evening

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