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January 2008

26jan2008 · Tinkerbell: My Eee PC

Yesterday, my Eee PC and so I spent most of my time setting it up. I replaced the pre-installed distribution with grml, everything is documented on vuxu, as usual.

The hostname is tinkerbell, for good reasons:

Though sometimes ill-behaved and vindictive, at other times she is helpful and kind to Peter (for whom she apparently has romantic feelings). The extremes in her personality are explained in-story by the fact that a fairy’s size prevents her from holding more than one feeling at a time.

Tinkerbell, the Eee PC

Actually, the size prevents it from holding more than one window at a time. :-) However, with help of dwm, it is really usable. I just need to get adjusted to the fairly small keyboard.

#eeepc on FreeNode has been proven useful while setting up everything.

NP: Woody Guthrie—Ramblin’ Blues

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