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August 2004

31aug2004 · Tuning Enlightenment

Since my switch to Enlightenment, I’ve spend a fair amount of time adjusting it too my needs (and I don’t regret it, configuring Fluxbox was a much bigger, troublesome task).

One thing that disturbed me was that my favorite terminal emulator aterm only used the background image of the first desktop for pseudo-transparency, which is kind of icky if you have four different backgrounds. :-)

However, it can be solved quite easily by calling :

eesh -e 'hints xroot root'

shortly after Enlightenment starts. aterm (and other apps using pseudo-transparency that are not Enlightenment specific) will now get the backgrounds right.

In fact, this eesh, the Enlightenment extended shell is a very cool tool to “speak” to Enlightenment using simple scripts.

I’m building a Ruby library to abstract the interface of eesh in a object-oriented way, and I’ve already implemented a sample, IMHO very useful function, moving windows until they touch some other window.

As a side effect, I also can do stuff like “focus the next window on the left-hand side of the current one” now. Something I always wanted.

The code still needs a bit of polishing and there is a small bug to be fixed, but will it follow.

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