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September 2004

01sep2004 · eesh.rb

A first public version of my Ruby library to script Enlightenment is available in eesh.rb.

It’s still very alpha, and I some code too complicated, but I don’t know yet how do make it better.

The library can also be used as a binary, where it calls it’s first command-line argument on the current window.

These methods are useful to be called in this context:

  • move_{left,right,top,bottom}_to: Move the current window to the corresponding direction until it hits a different window. If two windows are already touching each other, move over that window (sounds awkward, but it very nice to use; try it!)

  • focus_{left,right,top,bottom}: Focus the next window placed at that direction. (These methods behave inconsistent, I’ll fix that soon; they work fine if the windows are near each other, though)

  • focus_{left,right,top,bottom}_neighbor: Focus the next window placed at that direction which is on the same height (width) as the current window.

I use vi-like key-bindings (h, j, k, l) plus Windows-key to focus the windows, and move them with Windows+Shift.

You can set your keys easily using e16keyedit, which is also available as an Debian package.

NP: Dead Moon—In The Altitudes

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