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August 2004

07aug2004 · Texifaif

What is Texifaif?

Texifaif is the Texinfo (the GNU Documentation Format) version of the book "Free as in Freedom".

"Free as in Freedom" is a biography of Richard M. Stallman written by Sam Williams.

"Free as in Freedom" is licensed under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

You can read a online version of FAIF at http://www.faifzilla.org, but there is no download version, so I decided to make one myself.

I converted the whole book from HTML into Texinfo. This has some advantages:

  • Many formats are supported:

    • multiple HTML files
    • single HTML file
    • Plain text
    • GNU Info
    • TeX DVI
    • PDF
  • You have a index.

Get Texifaif

You can get texifaif in these formats:

You can get also get a Makefile for the Texinfo file.

Happy Reading!

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