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August 2004

07aug2004 · Projects

(This list is probably always horribly outdated…)

Current projects include:

  • Nukumi2: Next-generation blogging system. See the “Nukumi2 Roadmap” for details.

  • rlml.rb: A Ruby parser for the Real Life Markup Language (RLML).

  • RubyPants, a Ruby port of the smart-quotes library SmartyPants.

  • mee: Experimenting on next-generation networked applications.

  • dana: A simple ACID object oriented database for Ruby. In development.

  • bungee: A lightweight object-publishing framework.

  • Bluemoon: A very flexible and dynamic, concatenative, stack-oriented programming language. Still in design, for now.

  • nyx: A decentral communication system. Will probably stay in the “Just in my mind”-queue forever. :-)

Past projects:

  • Nukumi: A static blogging system used to empower this site.

  • tEXPR: A general purpose data transmission and storage format. There is a Specification and some Ruby code.

  • slider: A cool application launch bar written in Ruby and GTK+2.

  • df_zeitung: Magazine for my trip. Finished. (The PDF is too big to get uploaded.)

  • texifaif: Converting Free as in Freedom to Texinfo.

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