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June 2004

27jun2004 · md2html

I have been writing some simple tool to generate single HTML pages that don’t suck.

From the README:

Too often I wanted to put up some web page very quickly, and got very dissatified as I had to cope with the XML syntax (altough that gets easier with a proper editor, it’s still too much hassle.)

Besides, the resulting HTML used to look very ugly—there was no time to come up with a stylesheet.

md2html solves these two problems on this way:

  • The input file is written in Markdown, a very simple plain text format that is both easy to learn and to use. At the same time it allows for (optional) inclusion of HTML tags to get the full power of formatting.

  • md2html comes with a sample CSS stylesheet which gets included in the resulting HTML file to allow you to show it others without blushing. ;)

Get it here:

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