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June 2004

26jun2004 · Gmail revisited

I have been using Gmail for some days now, and there are some things that bug me:

  • You can’t mark all messages in the current folder as read. (All actions only work for the current page.)

  • Worst thing: All mails are shown in a variable-width font. Come on, most emails are plain text, like code (my mails include a lot of code, too). As such, many use fixed-width font editors to read and write them. It shouldn’t be too hard to add that to Gmail. In theory, a single line fix in the CSS. (I tried tracking down the CSS sheet of Gmail to override it locally, but got tangled up in a mess of Javascript and Frames.)

  • You can’t search using regular expressions.

  • You can’t add mail addresses in To: and Cc: to the address book automatically.

Else, Gmail works really fine for me. I have been reading ruby-talk with it for some days now, and find the threading support very useful.

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