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June 2004

28jun2004 · Paradise lost

On sunday, about 9 o’clock, paradise, my main developing and hacking box, finally crashed. I’m not fond of the exact reason. I left the room short ago, and when I came back, it was totally silent. Actually, first I thought something happened to my ears. Neither fan nor disk spun.

The most scary thing, however, was that my desktop still was there, shown on the monitor. When I tried to reboot, paradise wouldn’t do anything.

After swapping the PSU the next day, and trying a different CPU, I still couldn’t get it to work. It seems the mainboard died. This box ran stable for about the last two years. I have no idea what happened, I just hope nothing happened to the disks…

For the time I’m searching for a new mainboard, I can’t update this blog. I have chosen to keep it on paper for that—I hope rather short—period of time. Later, I’ll upload those physical entries.

Now, that I can’t program anymore, I hope I have enough time to read some books I still haven’t finished.

I really miss my music collection…

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