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March 2006

26mar2006 · Two Years of "chris blogs"

Two years ago at this day, I started this blog. And while the number of posts lowered quite a bit compared to last year (I try to blog at least twice a week, but I failed rather often), it is still alive and I don’t plan to stop blogging. It’s just that tumblelogging needs a lot of time, so “chris blogs” went a bit into the background.

Maybe it’s time for a few interesting facts:

  • The 5 most played artists of the year were:

    20 Bob Dylan
    11 Dan Bern
    05 Silver Jews
    04 Jimi Hendrix
    04 Bright Eyes

  • The raw entries are 1.7 megabytes in 374 files. (115 posts this year.)

  • There has been a new release of Nukumi2, which now amounts to 2766 LOC. Remember I started “chris blogs” with a 127 LOC Ruby script. ;-) However, I’ve developed a general-purpose data-structure, two template engines and a dependency injection framework in the meantime, mainly for it.

  • I posted about 196 quotes directly taken out of real-life. That’s only a third of last year, though.

Now, on to the next year of blogging! (And I got to prepare some things for an even bigger celebration tomorrow…)

NP: Meat Puppets—Sam

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