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September 2005

04sep2005 · My very first Ruby script

Recently I did some archaeological excavations in my home directory because I wanted to find out when I started writing Ruby. Interestingly, most files still have accurate timestamps, although this is the third computer with this home directory (I always copy ~/projects when I move on).

Apart of a backup file of a snippet I wrote in October 2001 that tested Ruby threading—I think Ruby 1.6.5 was the current version at that time—, the first “useful” Ruby script I found was an acronym generator, acronym.rb, dated December 23, 2001 (also inside the file). A few days after, I wrote some code to brute-force the theorem that each number can be added to it’s reversely written representation until it gets symmetric on it’s own. The problematic case is the number 89, which needs more than 10000 steps without a solution. I stopped trying after that.

Thank you, Ruby! It’s been four pleasant years to code with you, and I hope lots will follow.

And hey, isn’t it nice to state “Four years of Ruby experience” in your CV? (No, mine isn’t public.)

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