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March 2005

11mar2005 · UUCP revival?

I knew it! UUCP is not dead. Christophe Prévotaux uses it to securely fetch lots of mail.

I think that’s a pretty interesting usecase, escpecially since he tunnels the UUCP over SSH.

I actually thought about using UUCP for scalable peer-to-peer networks, but other ideas like RSS over UUCP (even more useful for podcasts) seem to be pretty good too.

Sean Reifschneider already wrote about Mobile Mail with UUCP back in 2004 already. He did not make use of SSH, though:

While SSH is a good system for doing remote, interactive command execution, UUCP may be better for batched and non-interactive jobs. It’s certainly worth adding to your toolbox of possible network transport options.

Then, did anyone try mail over rsync?

NP: Dan Bern—Edmonton

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