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March 2005

13mar2005 · darcsum.el polished

Since John Wiegley stopped using darcs, there have been no changes to darcsum.el, a fairly good Emacs-mode for interfacing with darcs.

With the update to darcs 1.0.2 darcsum.el even broke, as the look of the prompts darcs.el waits for has changed. Therefore, I have decided to “fork” it, fix it for 1.0.2 and add features I always wanted in darcsum.el.

You can get the latest darcsum.el by running:

darcs get http://chneukirchen.org/repos/darcsum/

Simply stuff the darcsum.el into your load-path and (require 'darcsum). Run it with M-x darcsum-whatsnew.

Features added by me include a Edit/Update-Log cycle (think of Arch) and having a look at the context of patches (think diff -u).

NP: Silbermond—1000 Fragen

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