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September 2004

12sep2004 · Slides with conTeXt

I spent some time to get into conTeXt, an alternative macro package for TeX. I prefer it over LaTeX, because it has full plain TeX under the hood and is more easy to customize.

To start, I’ve decided to re-invent the wheel by mimicking Richard P. Gabriels slide style that he used for “Form & Function in Software” (available at his site, http://www.dreamsongs.com).

Basically, it’s a very easy style. Just white P22Typewriter on black background. After deciding to use pdfTeX, I figured how to use a TTF with it. Basically, you need these steps (teTeX on debian):

ttf2afm -e /usr/share/texmf/ttf2tfm/T1-WGL4.enc -o FONT.afm FONT.ttf
afm2tfm FONT.afm -T /usr/share/texmf/ttf2tfm/T1-WGL4.enc
echo `afm2tfm FONT.afm -T /usr/share/texmf/ttf2tfm/T1-WGL4.enc` \
     '<FONT.ttf' >> fonts.map

However, be sure fonts.map is being loaded in some pdftex.cfg by adding that line:

map +fonts.map

It turns out that was the easiest part. :-) After fighting a bit with the conTeXt documentation (nice manual actually, but kind of confusing and incomplete…), I’ve finally managed to copy that style.

See a sample document: a hash of my life [src]

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