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September 2004

10sep2004 · Scribble

Today I’ve spent some time to implement the counterpart of RigRag, a wiki-like hypertext system which I dub Scribble.

I decided to write it in Emacs Lisp, since I use Emacs for most of my other stuff too (I keep all my addresses in bbdb, for example), so that would be a nice fit.

I’d have liked to implement RigRag in elisp too, but it’s too graphical to be practical to be used inside a text editor (if you want to call Emacs that way :-)).

Well, I discovered that my elisp knowledge leaves a lot to be desired, so it’s probably going to take some time until I get into it again. However, I need to say that the Emacs documentation really is superb: Being clearly written, covering just about everything one needs to know, and having a comprehensive index is not something you see every day when working with software.

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