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August 2004

27aug2004 · Fixing Windoze

Today, our internet box running Windoze XP just wouldn’t boot anymore.

Power on. Bootloader. Blank screen. Nothing.

Power on. Bootloader. F8. Safe mode. Blank screen. Nothing.

I was damn pissed off. The box suddenly stopped working. I love computers when nothing works and you have no idea why. But hey, Knoppix to the rescue.

After booting, I quickly inspected C:\ using mc, my favourite filemanager (old, but good). Hmm, nothing special. At least my files are still there. Wondering.

After some more debugging, I chose to look at all files changed in the last 24h.

Somehow I felt the need to delete hiberfil.sys, the file where Windoze stores it’s Hibernation state in. Quickly booted into the recovery mode (Knoppix can’t write on NTFS), and a quick:

del hiberfil.sys

Rebooting. “Welcome…”. Desktop. Uff.

Seems like someone tried to hibernate the computer, which didn’t seem to work.

Now the big question: If I try to boot into safe mode, why the hell does Windows try to load the hibernated state?

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