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February 2005

21feb2005 · Toki Pona

Alexander Kellett showed me Toki Pona, “the simple language of good”.

Toki Pona is an easy, small, artificial language with a minimal vocabulary of only 118 words. I think I totally got hooked :-) I have been translating stuff in my head to Toki Pona for the whole day now, even though I only have heard about it yesterday. (That’s not true actually, I’m pretty sure I’ve stumbled on above website already, but I didn’t read it too closely.)

The funniest section of the site is probably angst-ridden teenage poetry:

Even mediocre, angst-ridden teenage poetry can be expressed in Toki Pona:

mi lon pimeja.
waso ike li tawa sike lon lawa mi.
pipi jaki li moku lili e noka mi.
mi wile e pini.

I sit in darkness.
As evil birds circle my head.
And cockroaches nibble my toe.
I hope for an end.

Learn Toki Pona!

toki pona li toki pona. :-)

NP: Dan Bern—God Said No

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