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February 2005

19feb2005 · TinyWM

I just stumbled on this wonderful small window manager, TinyWM by Nick Welch, which is only about 60(!) lines of C long:

TinyWM is a ridiculously tiny window manager implemented in nearly as few lines of C as possible, without being obfuscated or entirely useless. It allows you to move, resize, focus (sloppy), and raise windows – that’s it! TinyWM’s main purpose is to serve as a quick example of some window manager programming basics.

Somehow made me change my mind about the complexity of X11. :-) Nick Welch is (or was?) related to Kahakai and Waimea, two other, “big” windowmanagers, too.

He also provides a nicely commented version.

NP: Dan Bern—Black Tornado

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