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February 2005

23feb2005 · Grabbing SXSW 2005 music

See you in the Pit, a weblog about SXSW 2005 that daily posts fresh music by the performing artists recently refered to this giant podcast by Dan Budiac that links to over 2.3 gigabytes of music.

I wanted to get quite some of them. :-)

Some quick tries with iPodder were unsucessful, though. I don’t want to get all of this stuff. Fortunately, there is a .m3u available too; that is more easily handable with ordinary tools.

The method I do it now is:

  1. Import the list into iTunes.

  2. Pre-listen to all “interesting looking” tracks.

  3. Toggle their “playability”, to mark them as listened.

  4. Move them to another list, if you like them.

  5. Export the list to a text-file and wget as hell. :-)

NP: Harvey Danger—Carlotta Valdez

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