leah blogs: September 2009

28sep2009 · Back from Curucamp 2009

I just came home from Vienna where I attended Curucamp 2009, the probably most unconference ever. ;-) We were about thirty people, and there was a fair share of interesting talks. Of course, there was a lot of socializing, too. We had real luck with the weather. And there even was a head measuring contest!

If you are interested in my slides about Simplicity in Code, you can find them at the usual place.

NP: Pearl Jam—Unthought Known

19sep2009 · Latest discoveries in hard disk archaeology

Recently I dug up an old hard disk (to be used in my Sun Blade 1000), and I found an old copy of my home directory on it. Even better, I found an even older backup of a thing I thought that was lost already: my first web site.

I could not resist putting it up, so here it is. I don’t think it ever went live, actually.

I made it in 2000/2001, so please bear with the bad English and table layouts. I also didn’t know of .png files, I guess.

The time stamp shows 2009, but that’s because I had to regenerate the site from its sources. It already used amazing technology: RCS-backed, make(1)-driven, and using cpp(1) for HTML generation is a hack I’m still proud of (well, except for the occasional <!-- ' --> to close an uneven number of quotes :-P).

NP: Pearl Jam—The End

11sep2009 · Hiking in Fassa Valley

The last few days I spent in the Dolomites and we did some hiking trips that I recorded with My Tracks:

View Tag #1 in a larger map

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(I forgot to stop recording at the end, thus I don’t have exact statistics.)

View Tag #7 in a larger map

Unfortunately I see no way to export the elevation graphs, which would have been interesting to compare.

Google Maps doesn’t have much detail for this terrain, I recommend looking at the larger maps and enabling photos for a rough idea.

NP: The Magnetic Fields—I Can’t Touch You Anymore

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