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October 2006

24oct2006 · I'm not gonna digg you!

(Excuse the rant, but this style brings my point across in the best way.)

A new meme on the net is to add lots of “useful” link buttons to each blog post, titled like “Digg me!”, “Reddit me!”, “Add me to del.icio.us”. I’ve seen extreme cases with more than 25 icons like that.

Stop it, for fucks sake. Do you remember the “Bookmark me!”-links of Web 0.9?

Do you really think I’m gonna “digg” you just because you have that bootload of links there that make it easy? If I used to “digg” stuff regularly (I don’t even have a Digg account, but I could post you at Anarchaia), I’d install some kind of bookmarklet, since most site owners are not as stupid to add these links all over their blogs. You, however, are just link doping.

Rather, convice me to “digg” your site because of good content, a clever idea, an insightful comment, a funny story. I’ve seen these too, on those sites. But the bad after taste of seeing 25 “post-me-to-where-the-fuck-ever” buttons only makes me angry.

Alternatively, add this useful “send-me-to-hell-button”: send me to hell.

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