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October 2006

09oct2006 · Dan Bern: Breathe

Wow, I didn’t manage to blog a lot lately. Luckily, the release of Dan Bern’s new album Breathe makes me chance that. It’s Dan’s first release since 2004, and although I didn’t have the change to listen to it a lot yet, I like it very much.

I still remember the day I was surfing on the net and for reasons I can’t remember stumbled upon ZopeZen, which (un)fortunately was down at that day (according to the timestamps, it was May 4, 2003). On the page explaining why it didn’t work, Andy McKay linked to MP3s of Dan Bern’s Jail and My Country II, and I listened to these boths songs all the weekend.

I definitely got hooked, and you probably can imagine how happy I was to find the Dan Bern Digital Archive. Actually, only Bob Dylan takes more of my disk space (well, he simply produced more: 4.5 GB vs. 2.0 GB).

I’d really like to pass on the flame, and while not everyone will like his music and style, maybe someone will become as happy as I’ve been.

There are full-length versions of Breathe and Trudy available online (why don’t more artists do that?). Enjoy, and get a copy if you like it.

NP: Dan Bern—Trudy

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