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October 2005

01oct2005 · The Samsung YP-U1X

Samsung YP-U1X

Today I bought an MP3 player by Samsung, the YP-U1X, primarily because it not only plays MP3, but also Ogg Vorbis (They are so humble, they don’t even mention that outside the technical specification; it’s the killer argument!). Since a significant part of my music collection is in Ogg, this was an essential requirement to me. Also, it was pretty cheap—77€ for 512MB flash.

Overall, I’m very pleased with it. The display is sharp and has a good backlight, the design is pleasing (okay, it’s not as nice as a Nano, but not as butt-ugly as some random no-name player). Last but not the least, the usability is fairly good, although this is no reason not to ship with a printed version of the manual, Samsung! Unfortunately, it has no direct encoding to MP3 while recording, but I can live with that.

There is only one thing that bugs me, and it’s a rub a lot of MP3 players have. It’s about sorting the songs and the order they are played in. My music is arranged like ~/Music/Artist/Album/Song. The name doesn’t contain the track number, mostly because I use playlists when I use XMMS and iTunes sorts the songs on its own anyway. I really don’t understand why the players can’t do that too.

Anyway, Ruby to the rescue. The script grok_order.rb takes directories as parameters and makes a list of all music files contained in them. Then, it orders them by their album and track and finally prefixes the files with nnnn- to enforce the order for alphabetically-sorted players.

Therefore, I just need to run

ruby grok_order.rb /Volumes/YP-U1X

and the tracks are in the order they appear on the albums. Enjoy.

NP: Bob Dylan—Hard Times in New York Town

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