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November 2004

07nov2004 · Progress of Nukumi2

Nukumi2 is doing very well, I’m actually writing on code that will be in the first public release 0.1 codename “godspeed”. :-) I hope I’ll publish this release this month, but I can’t promise it.

Not mentioned new features include:

  • Clotheslines: You can now chain multiple clothes together, respective any code that follows the StarCloth API (which is StarCloth.new(text).to_html). My sample blog runs currently on this clothesline:

    BlueCloth RubyPants NiceHR

    Which is essentially the same as:

    result = NiceHR.new(RubyPants.new(
  • RubyPants will be there, a proper standalone release will appear this week. (John Gruber already linked to it, thanks a lot ;-))

  • NiceHR, a sample cloth that will wrap <hr /> into a <div class="separator"> for better taming with CSS. It’s primarily an example on how to use REXML for tasks that were done with XSLT in Nukumi1.

NP: Bob Dylan—I Want You (At Budokan)

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