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November 2004

30nov2004 · Nukumi2 documentation

The Nukumi2 codebase is doing very well, and the code would be fairly ready for release. But there is not a single line of documentation written by now, and lots of things are still specified informally if at all.

At least basic documentation is clearly needed before release of 0.1. (Un)fortunately, I’m a bit sick right now, so I couldn’t code (anything useful) anyway; I hope I can spend some time writing documentation, maybe an introduction to the core concepts and a step-by-step guide to your own blog.

Documentation will be written of course using Nukumi2 itself, to demonstrate it’s hackability and flexiblility.

Then, I need to figure how to package it… I use lots of “vendor” libraries written by myself, but located in other repositories; I think I can work around that with some bits of rake hacking. (Hey, I package using recursive calls to Rakefiles interspersed with calls to darcs dist… :-))

In case anyone wants to contribute artwork, such as a default template or a button/logo, please mail chneukirchen@yahoo.de.

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