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November 2004

11nov2004 · Musidex

Since I couldn’t find anything in my playlist anymore (Actually, this is not true. xmms’ J works excellent for finding single songs, but grouping and getting stuff together is hard), I decided storing my MP3/OGG-metadata in a TopicTree. Unfortunately, some of my MP3 are not tagged, so I needed to do some ugly heuristics to find name and title…

Ideally, I’d run something like this

musidex --random /artist/bobdylan /year/1/9/8 >playlist.m3u

and get a randomized playlist of all stuff by Bob Dylan he did in the 80’s. I tried running xmms on a playlist coming out of a FIFO, but that didn’t work. For real dynamic playlists, I’d probably need a HTTP server (WEBrick to the rescue!).

Of course, a nice frontend would rock too…

NP: Pearl Jam—Light years

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