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September 2004

19sep2004 · Tangerine 0.3 released

I just released Tangerine 0.3. Grab it here.

New features over 0.2.1 include:

  • Tag libraries provide an easy way to build and structure complex templates. Tags starting with @ are looked up using the tag library which is given as the second argument to Tangerine.new.

    Tag libraries are objects that implement resolve(tag) and return a string that gets evaluated as a Tangerine template instead of the tag upon calling that method.

    One sample tag library that maps tags to files is included as Tangerine::FileLib.

  • Support for RFC(2)822 message escaping.

    Header values can be escaped automatically to conform to RFC(2)822.

  • Better error handlers.

    The erroneous line in the generated code should now be the same as the erroneous template line.

Download: tangerine-0.3.tar.gz

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