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September 2004

15sep2004 · Tangerine 0.2.1 released

I just released Tangerine version 0.2.1.

This is the first public release. All user-visible methods are fully documented, the same is true for the template language.

Use Tangerine::XML instead of plain Tangerine if you want your data to be escaped automatically (this is overridable).

Tangerine 0.2.1 can be downloaded here: tangerine-0.2.1.tar.gz.


Lehrer zeichnet Brown’sche-Molekularbewegung an die Tafel.Hat der grad’ seine Schamhaare hingemalt?

Knietief im Wochenende

Hallo, Herr Rotz

NP: Redrum—Heroin Girl

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