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September 2004

24sep2004 · More on Scribble

I’ve decided to drop the plan to use Emacs as the interface to Scribble, instead writing it in Ruby/Tk too. This allows smaller size of binaries around (I’d RigRag and Scribble to be portable and small, easily fetchable from the web.), at the cost of editing convenience. But I’ll add external editor support (after all, every page is a simple text file), thereby outweighing that issue.

I have to say that Ruby/Tk is really great for getting a GUI done quickly although the API really sucks at times. For example, why can’t I index contents of a TkText widget by character count? Instead I need to twiddle with lines and chars. D’oh. (Of course, this is all being inherited from Tcl/Tk.)

Here a screenhot:

Scribble screenshot showing a test page

I think that page is great: Japanese Death Poems.

NP: Leadbelly—Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

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