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April 2004

04apr2004 · Tom Lord on microbreweries

Just read this great thing on gnu-arch-users:

>> It's even just down the street from my favorite microbrewery :-)
> Uh, oh. That could be a huge productivity sink. :-)
> Oh wait, he said microbrewery. They only serve little beers; arch is safe.

It's not micro- in that sense. The beers are honest pints but it's a very small brewery. Very small. You can't really even fit inside the place — you can just sort of stick you head and arm in. They only have room for one glass and so they have to shut down between customers to wash it. Consequently there's usually a very long line just to get in and you aren't allowed to stay long. The nice part is that, being so small, they can clean the place just by picking it up and shaking out the dust. The bad part is someone stepped on it by accident last year and shut them down for a week for reconstruction.


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