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April 2004

09apr2004 · As seen on #lisp...

 <dan`b> hmm.  I think my lwn subscription runs
         out tomorerow
 <dan`b> "I believe ctrl-W for delete line
         originated, and is pretty much only used
 <dan`b> in vi and emacs (I have neither one
         installed on my system, and I'd
 <dan`b> rather not install something I'll
         only use once, so I can't confirm
 <dan`b> this)"

Ok, this LWN article really seems crap (haven't read it, don't have a subscription):

  1. C-w doesn't delete the line in Emacs (that's what C-k does), but kills the region.
  2. You have vi installed on your system.
  3. If you're not interested in trying new things, you probably shouldn't write for "Linux Weekly News".
  4. C-w works in lots of applications, it's supported in readline, Gtk+ and Mozilla has it too.

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