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March 2004

27mar2004 · Zork on ITS

Today, I tried running Zork on my ITS emulation: (fixed line breaking due limited line length)

   There appears before you a huge figure
 clothed in a dark robe. As you shrink back
 in awe, he speaks:
    ``This is not the machine
      of the Zork Implementors!''
 Then, as suddenly as it appeared, his
 image dissolves, leaving you in darkness.
 As your eyes grow more accustomed to
 the dim light, you notice a clue etched
 on the wall... It reads:
    No MIT machine supports Zork any longer.
    Questions may be directed to ZORK@DM.
         FMZC, GUE 745
 Beneath this message a passerby has scrawled:
    No MIT supports DM any longer.
    Save your breath.
         FMGC, GUE 799
 I see no Zork here.
 I see no Zork here.
 I see no Zork here.
 Your lamp is growing dim.
 I see no Zork here.
 Your lamp has run out of light. A hungry grue
 attacks you and rips you to pieces.
 (Next time try Zork on a friendlier system.)
 KN ITS.1647. DDT.1545.


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