Where will we be ten years from now? CRT’s will be a thing of the past, multimedia will no longer be a buzzword, pen-based and voice input will be everywhere, and university students will still be editing with emacs. Pens and touchscreens are too low-bandwidth for real interaction; voice will probably also turn out to be inadequate.
— Rob Pike, A Minimalist Global User Interface* (1991)


… the epistemological anarchist has no compunction to defend the most trite, or the most outrageous statement. … he may use reason, emotion, ridicule, an ‘attitude of serious concern’ and whatever other means have been invented by humans to get the better of their fellow men. His favourite pastime is to confuse rationalists … There is no view, however ‘absurd’ or ‘immoral’, he refuses to consider or to act upon, and no method is regarded as indispensable.
— Paul K. Feyerabend, Against Method

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