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January 2007

06jan2007 · 5 things you didn't know yet about me

Alas, manveru tagged me and I need to tell you five things you probably didn’t know yet about me. It’s like the perfect start into a year with the resolution of writing more.

Here’s my list:

  • I have a photographic memory for URLs. Want to show me “something new”? I’ll tell you immediately if I already have been on that site.

  • I’m a programming language fetishist. Well, if you read my blog, you probably guessed that already, but I can recognize almost every language given a short snippet and likely heard of the rest too.

  • I love to sleep long. Don’t even dare to wake me on weekends!

  • I have every official Bob Dylan disk on my hard drive. Must be the collector’s disease.

  • My mind goes all weird when I’m drunk. And I mean really weird. For example, I once couldn’t sleep in a bus because I did too many sudokus that day, and desperately tried to sleep in a different position than the people in my row and my column. Or, one time, I tried to analyze relationships in a discotheque using advanced algebra. It sucks if love isn’t commutative.

    Actually, that’s pretty funny, but rather scary too when you remember it, no?

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