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December 2006

31dec2006 · New Year's resolutions

Knowing well that I won’t be able to abide most of them, let me formulate some resolutions for the next year:

  • Write more. This year, chris blogs suffered a lot and only got rarely updated. I hope to blog more in the new year, and also about other and more interesting topics. Not only the blog was affected, though: I noticed that while I got 68097 mails (thanks, ruby-talk!), I only sent 561 mails this year.

    Furthermore, I’d also like to write some longer pieces, maybe a tutorial or a book chapter.

  • Release more. I have lots of nice code that’s 80% ready for release, I hope to push it out soon next year.

  • Attend more. I have been to Euruko and RailsConf Europe this year, and I’d like to attend these again next year again, and also ICFP (this year in Freiburg!) and the 24C3, which I followed closely via the net this year.

  • Contribute more. I want to bring at least one line of code into the new Ruby implementation efforts, most likely Rubinius.

  • Code more. For next year, I’d really like to finally bootstrap the language idea I’ve been thinking about for the last months, but I can’t tell you a lot more yet.

    Also, you maybe noticed that this year, there has been no Nukumi2 release. This is because Nukumi2 finally got outdated and hopefully will be replaced with a dynamic and document-centric publishing environment that’s soon slowly but steadily turning ready for usage. I’m already looking forward to use it for chneukirchen.org and Anarchaia.

With these resolutions written down, I finally wish my readership a happy new year!

NP: Ton Steine Scherben—Traum ohne Stern

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