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December 2005

01dec2005 · Ballad Of A Thin Man (#ruby-lang version)

Excuse the longish post, but I was just part of something great on #ruby-lang, I think this is even better than the zxy___ hack . Enjoy.

20:14   <neoneye>   hi
20:15   <slyphon>   neoneye: nope! too unoriginal!
20:15   <slyphon>   neoneye: now, let's try this again
20:15   <slyphon>   neoneye: you walk into the room...
20:15   <chris2>    with a pencil in your hand
20:17   <chris2>    you see somebody naked
20:17   <slyphon>   chris2: is this where it is?
20:17   <slyphon>   chris2: who is that man?
20:17   <chris2>    you try so hard
20:17   *   slyphon just doesn't understand
20:17   <chris2>    just what you'll say
20:17   *   slyphon gets home
20:18   <chris2>    something is happening in here!
20:18   *   slyphon doesn't know what it is
20:18   <chris2>    slyphon: do you, slypho^Wmister jones?

20:18   *   chris2 raises his hand
20:18   <chris2>    is this where it is?
20:19   *   slyphon points to chris2 and says "it's neoneyes"
20:19   <chris2>    what's mine?
20:19   <slyphon>   chris2: where? what is?
20:19   <chris2>    OMG, am i here all alone?
20:20   <slyphon>   chris2: there's something happening
20:20   <chris2>    i dont know what it is...
20:20   <slyphon>   do you? chris2jones

20:20   *   chris2 hands his ticket
20:20   *   chris2 looks around
20:20   --- slyphon is now known as the-geek
20:20   <chris2>    =)
20:21   *   the-geek walks up to chris2 
20:21   <the-geek>  chris2: how does it feel, to be such a freak?
20:21   <chris2>    impossible!
20:21   *   the-geek hands chris2 a bone
20:21   <chris2>    something is happening here
20:21   <chris2>    but i dont know what it is
20:21   <the-geek>  do you? chris2jones

20:21   <chris2>    i have many contacts
20:22   --- the-geek is now known as lumberjacks
20:22   <chris2>    among #lumberjacks
20:22   <lagcisco>  wereapple: all I need for now is just class methods
20:22   *   lumberjacks gets chris2 facts
20:22   *   chris2 imagines
20:22   --- lumberjacks is now known as slyphon
20:22   *   slyphon has no respect
20:22   *   chris2 gives a check to rubycentral

20:23   *   slyphon 's been to the professors
20:23   <chris2>    they liked my looks
20:23   <chris2>    i was at ibm and we talked about sco
20:23   <slyphon>   with #great-lawyers i disussed #lepers and #microsoft
20:23   <slyphon>   hahahaha
20:24   *   slyphon read The Great Gatsby
20:24   *   chris2 has all pdfs of fitzgerald
20:24   <chris2>    and read them
20:24   <slyphon>   chris2: we all know
20:24   <chris2>    something is happening in here
20:24   <chris2>    but i dont know what it is
20:24   <slyphon>   do you? chris2jones?

20:24   <douthat>   did I come in at a bad time? :)
20:25   <slyphon>   douthat: not if you like dylan
20:25   <slyphon>   ;)
20:25   <chris2>    slyphon: you need to be the sword-swallower now
20:25   <slyphon>   ah

20:25   --- slyphon is now known as sword-swallower
20:25   *   sword-swallower walks up to chris2 and then kneels
20:26   *   sword-swallower crosses himself then clicks his high-heels
20:26   <sword-swallower>   chris2: how it feels?
20:26   <chris2>    here's your throat back, thanks for the loan
20:26   <chris2>    something is happening in here
20:26   <chris2>    but i dont know what it is
20:26   <sword-swallower>   do you? chris2jones

20:26   *   chris2 sees a one-eyed midget
20:26   --- sword-swallower is now known as midget
20:27   <midget>    NOW!
20:27   <chris2>    for what reason?
20:27   <midget>    HOW!
20:27   <chris2>    what does this mean?
20:27   <midget>    YOU'RE A COW!
20:27   <midget>    chris2: give me some milk or else GO HOME!
20:27   <chris2>    something is happening in here
20:27   <chris2>    but i dont know what it is
20:27   <midget>    do you? chris2jones

20:27   *   chris2 joins again
20:28   <chris2>    coming from #perl
20:28   *   chris2 frowns
20:28   --- midget is now known as slyphon
20:28   *   chris2 puts his eyes in his pocket
20:28   *   chris2 puts his nose on the ground
20:28   *   slyphon thinks about kick-banning chris2
20:29   <chris2>    against me coming around?
20:29   *   slyphon thinks, unless he's listening to his ipod
20:29   <chris2>    something is happening in here
20:29   <chris2>    but i dont know what it is
20:29   <slyphon>   do you? chris2jones

20:29   <chris2>    *clap* *clap* *clap* :D
20:29   *   slyphon bows and applauds and bows and applauds
20:29   *   slyphon hugs chris2 :)
20:30   <chris2>    Bob Dylan---Ballad Of A Thin Man (Live Version)
20:30   <chris2>    (by accident :P)
20:30   <slyphon>   totally :)
20:30   <technomancy>   oh man.... i haven't listened to dylan in waaaay too long

Original lyrics: Ballad Of A Thin Man by Bob Dylan.

NP: Bob Dylan—Ballad Of A Thin Man (Live Version)

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