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August 2004

17aug2004 · zxy___

Yesterday, on #ruby-lang (at this time, zxy had already three instances of himself in this channel) (logs slightly edited):

* zxy____ (tux-chan@gw-3.selfnet.de) has joined #ruby-lang
<lyle> haha
<zxy____> you will be assimilated
<lyle> zxy____: the role of "person who posts under multiple aliases" is already taken.
* You are now known as zxy_____
<zxy______> flgr_: you will be assimilated
* flgr_ is now known as zxy________
* zxy________ is now known as zxy_______
<zxy_______> i win.
* You are now known as zxy________
<zxy________> haha
<zxy______> vruz: you will be assimilated
<zxy________> tab completion sucks :P
<lypanov> lol
<zxy____> lypanov: resistance is futile
* oGMo is now known as zxy_____
<zxy_____> how silly
<zxy______> lypanov: you will be assimilated
<zxy_______> damn, I can't decide which lines I actually typed now
* lypanov is now known as zxy_____________
<zxy_____________> bler
<zxy_____> nice
<zxy_______> zxy_____________: you're expanding my nick delimiter!
<zxy________> zxy_____________: you always need to overdo, hmm?
* neoneye is now zxy___________________________
<zxy_______> (this totally destroys tabbing)
<zxy_____> this is screwing up my nick hilighting
<zxy_______> and highlighting, too
<zxy________> lool
<zxy_______> there are no individuals, there is only us
<zxy____> we have become One
<zxy________> yuck
<zxy________> :P
* neoneye is now known as zxy___________
<zxy_____> i hope some newbie joins about now and gets utterly confused
<zxy________> hehe
<zxy______> I am zxy______ of Ruby
<zxy_____________> batsman. where are you?
<zxy____> batsman is no more
<zxy_____________> ASSIMILATE HIM
<zxy_______> I think we started something superior to orkut
<zxy______> we shall go to #python now
<zxy___________> END { python }
<zxy_______> okay
<zxy______> LET US GO TO #PYTHON
<zxy________> YA!
<zxy___________> he he
So, we chose to go to #python:
* Now talking on #python
<-- exarkun has kicked zxy_______ from #python (zxy_______)
* zxy___________ (~neoneye@0x50c4101e.boanxx9.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk) has joined #python
* You have been kicked from #python by exarkun (zxy________)
How unfriendly they are!
<zxy________> exarkun sucks :P
<zxy_______> we lost, damn
<zxy___________> Can't join channel..
<zxy_______> okay, #perl then?
<zxy___________> banned
<zxy______> already?
<zxy________> #perl is unfriendly, no?
<zxy_____________> hope we don't all get klined :P
<zxy______> we will be quicked right away
<zxy_______> they will understand the magic
<zxy________> ok
<zxy______> we just have to keep quiet
* zxy________ is in
Onwards to #perl!:
* Now talking on #perl
<Limbic_Region> vi - the one true editor to rule them all
* zxy___________ (~neoneye@0x50c4101e.boanxx9.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk) has joined #perl
<zxy_____________> Limbic_Region: GO VI!
<zxy___________> vi vi
<zxy_____________> vi!
<zxy________> emacs :P
* zxy______ (tux-chan@gw-3.selfnet.de) has joined #perl
* zxy____ (tux-chan@gw-3.selfnet.de) has joined #perl
<zxy_____________> perl?
<zxy_______> /Emacs|Notepad/
<zxy________> congrats, #perl. you guys are nice.
<zxy_____________> zxy________: yup :). they win :)
<GXTi> i have to ask
<GXTi> whats with the names?
<zxy_____________> seeing how nice channels are
<zxy________> hehe
<zxy_____________> you guys are nice :)
<zxy______> #python kicked Us right away
<GXTi> but why 6 of you?
<wallshot> lamest nicknames ever
<zxy______> #perl is much nicer
<zxy_____________> we like underscores
<zxy________> GXTi: were different ones :)
<GXTi> i noticed.
<zxy_____________> just like you guys in fact :)
* eric^ is now known as zxy_________
<zxy_______> we are trying to test tabbing in popular irc clients
<zxy_________> woo woo
<zxy____> there was a zxy_ originally
<zxy________> and a __ ;)
<zxy_____________> :)
<zxy___________> it has escalated
<sili> assholes.
<zxy______> but now we are just zxy_________
<Blimey> someone kill those please
<zxy_________> and nuts
<sili> kitchen thrig help :(
<Blimey> it's a eggdrop bot
<adamruck> fucking change your nicks
<zxy_______> I am no eggdrop
<zxy______> we are no Bot
<kitchen> bad nick choice isn't necessarily a kick option
<alcaloide> zxy*:  you guys are fucking retarded
<zxy_____________> we aren't
<alcaloide> hheheh
<zxy_________> we work
<zxy_________> also rock
<sili> kitchen :(
<zxy________> ;)
<sili> kitchen how about a +q? :p
<zxy_____________> alcaloide: hey. irssi has kick as highlights :P
<zxy_________> come on
<zxy_________> gimme +o
<zxy________> :P
<zxy_______> Blimey: ask a question, see we're not eliza
<adamruck> ignored
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to Chris62vw
<Blimey> maybe one of u isn't
<zxy____> Blimey: then I'm the first eliza to pass the Turing test
<GXTi> okay, you've worn out your welcome... pick decent names
<zxy_________> aww
<sili> why does chris have opness
* zxy___________ is now known as neoneye
* zxy_______ is now known as flgr
<zxy_________> baned from #python
<zxy_________> weak
<Chris62vw> so I can kick people
<zxy_____________> sili: power! :)
* You are now known as chris2
<sili> no fair.
* zxy_____________ is now known as lypanov
<neoneye> sorry
* zxy______ is now known as batsman
<chris2> dito ;)
<lypanov> hey you guys rock though!
<sili> Chris62vw be the merciless tryant you are and do your worst
<lypanov> python sucks!
<GXTi> better
* Chris62vw removes channel operator status from Chris62vw
* zxy____ is now known as aniki

What a fun…

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