leah blogs: March 2010

24mar2010 · chris blogs rebooted

After ages, suddenly chris blogs got rebooted!

I finally trashed my old blogging software Nukumi2, and moved chris blogs onto the same small script that also empowers Trivium.

A few things have changed or had to be changed:

  • Haloscan is gone, thus comments are gone for now as well. I thought they’d migrate to Echo transparently, but that at least seems to be broken.

  • The RSS feed and the Atom 0.3 feed is gone. All feeds now redirect permanently to the Atom 1.0 feed. Welcome to 2010!

    I won’t promise to blog more here now, but at least I’m not blocked by some old software I need to save from bit-rot.

Some trivia on the fork: It went down from 172 LoC to 162 LoC, 65 insertions/73 deletions, which proves my point that every blog has special needs and thus a custom script is worth it. Keeping backwards compatibility (no significant link should be broken) added lots of complexity.

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