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05sep2008 · A RailsConf Europe 2008 diary... NOT

Around RailsConf Europe in six words.

Sunday: Arrival by train, St. Oberholz.
Then All-you-can-eat, Tacheles top floor. Yay.

Monday: St. Oberholz, Bratwurst on Rails.
Taught Geoffrey how to use zsh.

Tuesday: Vietnamese dinner with Sean O’Halpin.
Then RejectConf at Pirate Cove (Arr!),
Then to Ambulance Bar and Tacheles Garden.
To bed at about 5 am.

Wednesday: Deutsches Technikmuseum, dinner at Marx.
Then Ambulance Bar, Tacheles first floor.
To bed at about 6 am.

Thursday: Dinner at the Ständige Vertretung.
Then Ambulance Bar (See the pattern?).

Friday: Flight home, way too early.

Thanks and greetings wholeheartedly go to:
Scholle5 for the apartment and WiFi,
Members of #caboose I stayed with,
for the good time and community,
Geoffrey Grosenbach for his unhidden praise,
Sean O’Healpin for dinner and beer,
All barkeepers in previously mentioned places,
Yikes, I accidentally my whole fleshlight!

See you all in near future.

Almost overheard: Rails is getting stale.

NP: Queen Adreena—Princess Carwash

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