Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


18:07 <TyrollWap> what people do in this server?
18:07 <MenTaLguY> Well, not many people can actually fit in the server at once.
18:08 <MenTaLguY> Sometimes we have a phonebooth stuffing event with the server rack though.
18:08 <MenTaLguY> I think our record is six people, although we had to move the disk array up a few Us.
18:08 <TyrollWap> ?
18:09 <MenTaLguY> The one guy was tall.

I think about you
Honey you’re the time my heart says ‘yes’
I think about you
Deep inside I love you best,
I think about you
You know you’re the one I want
I think about you
Darling you’re the only one, I think about you…
Yeah! Hahaha!
— Guns N’ Roses, Think About You

060602 006
18:07 <rretzbach> wünscht mir spaß
18:07 <rretzbach> saufen und kino
18:07 <rretzbach> xmen3
18:08 <manveru> sauf vorher
18:08 <manveru> dann hast was davon…
14:41 <rretzbach> chris2: Stell dir vor, du nutzt Jahre lang DOS und plötzlich installiert dir jemand windows xp
14:41 <rretzbach> So get es mir gerade.
14:42 <chris2> mac gekauft? :P
14:42 <rretzbach> chris2: maul

Take hold my hand, and hold it tighter, ever tighter
You must believe that I love you still
But my strength, it grows weaker, and weaker
And my body has lost its will
— Guns N’ Roses, Dust In The Wind