January 2009


There is an oldest file meme going on. Simply run

find ~ -print0 | xargs -0 stat -c '%y %n' | sort | less

And wait a bit. (Or longer. I have 583489 files.) And then tell something about your oldest files. Unfortunately some .tar are awefully broken and have mtime 0. Next up,

1985-08-15 ~/projects/docs/sicp/contrib/examples/chapter1.code

Wow, I didn’t know I had that. :) Other interesting stuff, not written by me:

1986-01-08 ~/projects/docs/rfcs/rfc971.txt.gz
1988-01-27 ~/src/its/klh10-2.0a/contrib/supdup/supdup.h
1988-02-05 ~/src/t3-repo/sources/comp/back_end/closure.t
1990-10-02 ~/Downloads/teco.doc
1991-01-10 ~/projects/docs/gz/mhbook/download/split/mh/old-edition2/babyl2mh
1992-04-06 ~/mess/2008/47/rc-1.7.1/match.c
1993-12-02 ~/projects/docs/tex/texbuch.tex
1994-06-03 ~/src/ruby-0.49/sample/math.rb
1995-05-26 ~/projects/docs/hakmem/pdp10/hbaker/pdp-10/Program.html

Now let’s find something I actually edited.

2000-10-07 ~/projects/addsp/makefile

I guess that’s one of the earliest programs I ever wrote in C: “Add spaces at beginning of line.” I wonder why I wrote that.

2000-10-29 ~/chris/projects/bl/bl.c

A very naive implementation of a curses-like library.

2000-11-05 ~/projects/lisp/verw1.el

Toying with elisp.

2000-12-30 ~/projects/htmldir/htmldir

“gawk script for generating html files on file lists”

2001-01-09 ~/projects/fortran/loan.f

No kidding.

2001-06-07 ~/projects/perl/IO_sockets/chat/

2001-07-25 ~/projects/tex/zeugnis/z2001.tex

Nontrivial \text{\TeX}.

2001-10-21 ~/projects/html/pp/files/fvwm2rc.tar.gz

From my first homepage.

2001-10-29 ~/projects/ruby/rfmt.rb
2001-10-29 ~/projects/ruby/pig.rb
2001-12-30 ~/projects/ruby/symnum.rb

Early Ruby scripts.

2002-01-04 ~/projects/ruby/rlisp/StringLexer.rb

I don’t think I for beyond parsing… ;)

2003-02-13 ~/projects/xmlblog/

Parts of my first blog.

2004-05-28 ~/projects/nukumi/+releases/nukumi-0.2.tar.gz
2004-06-11 ~/projects/Arch/2004-projects/nukumi/nukumi--devo/nukumi--devo--0/patch-22/log

First serious blog, you can see I used GNU Arch back then.

The rest is history! ;)

(I’m sure I’d have even older files on some backup images somewhere… Especially I’d like to find my first ever homepage.)

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