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July 2013

30jul2013 · Summer of Scripts: ssh-chain

ssh-chain wasn’t written by me, but it’s so incredibly useful and I use it a lot, which makes it a perfect fit to be listed here.

Often (admittedly, with the advent of IPv6 less often) you want to ssh to a machine you can’t connect to directly, and have to “hop” over a proxy host. Many people configure such hops statically in their .ssh/config, for example (the latter variant works with modern versions of OpenSSH only):

Host office
  ProxyCommand ssh -qAx remote.example.org nc -q5 workstation.example.org 22

Host office2
  ProxyCommand ssh -W workstation.example.org:22 remote.example.org

However, these configurations get nasty quickly if you need multiple hops or want to use different hops depending on other things.

ssh-chain is a simple Perl script you put into the path of your remote machines, and add the following line to .ssh/config:

Host *^*
  ProxyCommand ssh-chain %h %p

Now, you can use that host to hop to other machines over SSH, by just giving a “path” (think UUCP ;)) of immediate hosts (which all need ssh-chain installed):

ssh faraway^hop3^hop2^hop1

Since ssh is so central to many tools, this syntax also works for scp, rsync, git, and many others. Really useful if you work with non-trivial network topologies.

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