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May 2008

22may2008 · Heboris

Drop your productivity as fast as the tetrominoes fall!

If you think Tetris is a simple game, let me refer you to TetrisConcept, a wiki which aims “to compile every Tetris detail known to mankind.” Due to tricks like t-spins and other tactical rotations, the game becomes rather delicate.

Reading Tetris the Grand Master: A gameplay essay is a good way to learn about this.

Heboris Unofficial expansion is the best and most flexible version of Tetris I ever saw. It supports nine different rotation systems and a magnitude of different modes (especially really fast ones), while almost everything can be configured.

It was a bit tricky to get running on OS X, so here are the instructions:

  • Acquire hebo0019.zip. This version works fine on Windows.

  • Acquire the OS X binary.

  • From MacPorts, install libsdl-framework, libsdl_mixer-framework, and libsdl_image-framework.

  • Copy Heboris.app from the latter .zip into the former’s exe/ directory.

  • Edit heboris.ini and change it to “english = 1;” to replace most of the japanese.

Run Heboris.app and enjoy! By default, the cursor keys move and Z/Y, X, C are the action buttons (No idea where Hold is, rebind it to V maybe).

If you want to play against CPU, you need to define key bindings, enable the CPU for the second player in the Option menu and then configure the second player using his keys—the CPU will just play for it.

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