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February 2008

04feb2008 · Introducing gitsum

The major showstopper before I was seriously considering going to Git was the lack of an darcsum-like interface for Git.

Yesterday night I finally decided to write it.

git-status (included as git.el in the Git distribution) is usually good enough to use, but I often like to do partial commits, that is, commit only parts of a file. Git can do that now for some time, using git add --interactive or frontends like git-hunk-commit or git-wt-add. Still, there was no way to do it conveniently in Emacs.

Let me introduce gitsum:

Gitsum screenshot

You can freely delete hunks you don’t want to commit, split big changes, or even edit the patch directly if you feel adventurous. It also integrates into git-status so you can easily switch between these frontends.

Gitsum is hosted at http://github.com/chneukirchen/gitsum (which I highly recommend) and is mirrored at http://git.vuxu.org/, patches and additions are welcome! It’s still very fresh and has some rough corners, but I already notice my increase in productivity.

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