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September 2007

15sep2007 · Off to RailsConf Europe 2007

Tomorrow I’ll fly to Berlin to attend RailsConf Europe 2007. There will be no mail, IRC and can’t live blog. But I wont be angry at non-working or darn expensive WLANs, either.

I have a hipster PDA with me, and an (albeit digital) camera, so don’t feel too safe.

If you’d like to meet me, feel free to contact me by mobile or txt (I will read, but not reply to tweets for chneukirchen).

I’d like to organize a BoF or similar for people interested in Rack and running Rails together with Rack. Catch me if you are curious.

chris blogs and Anarchaia will resume publishing on Friday, September 21.

Have a good time.

NP: Bob Dylan—4th Time Around

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