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January 2007

17jan2007 · a declaration of independence

when in the course of writing ⁄ it becomes necessary for writers ⁄ to dissolve the syntactical bands ⁄ which have connected them with another ⁄ and to assume ⁄ among the powers of the written word ⁄ the laws of nature ⁄ and of nature’s rule entitle them ⁄ a decent respect to the opinions of mankind ⁄ requires that they should declare ⁄ the causes which impel them to the separation

we hold these truths to be self-evident ⁄ that all words are created equal ⁄ that they are used by their writer on purpose

whenever any form of punctuation becomes destructive to these ends ⁄ and create injustice among the words ⁄ it is the right of the writers to alter ⁄ or abolish it ⁄ and to institute new punctuation ⁄ or no punctuation at all ⁄ laying its foundation on such principles ⁄ and organizing it in such form ⁄ as to them shall seem most likely to effect their purpose

prudence will dictate that punctuation long established ⁄ should not be changed for light and transient causes ⁄ and accordingly all experience has shown ⁄ that writers are more disposed to suffer ⁄ where evils are sufferable ⁄ than to right themselves by abolishing the forms of punctuation ⁄ to which they are accustomed

but when a long train of punctuation rules ⁄ evinces a design to reduce words under absolute despotism ⁄ it is their right ⁄ it is their duty ⁄ to throw off such punctuation ⁄ and provide new punctuation for their future writing

the history of punctuation is a history of repeated injuries ⁄ and usurpations ⁄ all having in direct object the establishment ⁄ of an absolute punctuation ⁄ over our words

it has refused ⁄ to give all words the same importance ⁄ it has dictated ⁄ illogical rules of capitalization ⁄ it has forbidden ⁄ to let the writer express himself however he wants it

in every stage of oppression ⁄ we have petitioned for the most humble terms ⁄ our repeated petitions ⁄ only have been answered by repeated injury

a rule of punctuation ⁄ whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a tyrant ⁄ is unfit to be used by writers

we ⁄ therefore ⁄ writers all over the world ⁄ do ⁄ in the name ⁄ and by the authority ⁄ of our writing ⁄ solemnly publish and declare ⁄ that this new way of writing is ⁄ absolved from all allegiance to punctuation ⁄ and ⁄ all connection between them ⁄ and related parts of language ⁄ is ⁄ and ought to be ⁄ totally dissolved ⁄ and that as free writers ⁄ they have full power to levy war ⁄ conclude peace ⁄ contract alliances ⁄ establish publishing ⁄ and to do all other acts and things ⁄ which free writers may of right do

and for the support of this declaration ⁄ with a firm reliance on the protection by the readership ⁄ we mutually pledge to each other ⁄ our lives ⁄ our writings ⁄ and our sacred honor

christian neukirchen

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